The King of Pop

When I was ten -
I took a summer babysitting job for a working mom in my neighborhood.
8:00 am - 3:00 pm four days a week.
Three little rowdy boys
$1.00 an hour - seven dollars for the whole day.
But because she had MTV - it was all worth it.
I was in the height of my Michael Jackson craze.
At one point I was trying to save money to go to one of his concerts,
until my cousin Jamie told me “Utah” banned MJ because of his dancing.
I would feed the boys Spaghetti O's and send them to play in the backyard,
as I practiced the "moonwalk" on their wood floors.
I received the “Thriller Album” for Christmas one year;
and I would fall to sleep listening to it every night.
Say what you will about him.
I agree he was Wacko-Jacko the last 20 years;
He was eccentric and disturbing.
His personal life was pitiful.
But he will always be the King of Pop to me.

skip to 3:35 & 4:33 for the moonwalk


Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

Ever since I have instituted the "no TV during the day" rule,
my kids have been hard up for entertainment.
They have discovered that about the only thing on TV in the late afternoon is The Brady Bunch.
At first they all made fun of the show. The clothes... the hair...the cars.
Now, I believe they are actually identifying with the Brady's.
If only life were so simple and innocent. If only I had an Alice.


Nothing to see here...

Call me crazy, but I love family reunions.
I've made a slideshow of our recent Roberts Reunion at Stephen & Leisa's cabin.
I realize that unless you have Roberts DNA running through your veins,
these pictures will bore you to death.
To be honest if it were your family reunion pictures,
I probably wouldn't be interested either.

However; early Friday morning twenty or so of us hiked up to the Grandaddy Lakes in the Uintas.
I think its about eight miles round trip...I could be wrong.
I didn't think our little family had it in us, and I secretly thought we would turn back after the first mile. But, we made it ..all of us!
Take that Timp Cave!


Let's hear it for the girls.

I was looking for a picture of all three of my girls.
I came across this one from last year at Universal Studios.
Quincy is wondering why her daddy is wearing such a funny hat.

Yesterday I was taking pictures of my kids as my Dad saddled his horse.
When confronted with her fears; River ran crying back to the van, locked the doors and refused to come out. After finally coaxing her to come out, Dad put poor little terrified River on his horse.
She was wide eyed, and shaking with fear, begging us to get her down.
Just then the horse took off running and bucking….
Just kidding.
She sat on the horse and calmed down long enough to smile through clenched teeth, and have her picture taken. You know what they say about getting back on the horse... well, she did.

Lauren returned from the “Shadow Mountain” girl’s camp yesterday. First thing off the bus Lauren said, “Mom, it was so scary…at camp one of the counselors told us girls about a Gorilla Reserve that was just up the road. He said don’t worry though…if a gorilla escapes, we will be safe cause Gorillas travel South and it was a good thing we were North. Lauren said "just then a man in a gorilla suit jumped out of the trees and started running towards us, all of the girls screamed, and cried and ran in all directions.”
I just hope whoever was in that Gorilla suit got a kick out of scaring a bunch of eleven year old girls...the easiest people in the world to scare.

During church on Sunday our bench was a usual mess of crayons, fruit snack wrappers, books and tissues. Quincy was restless so I put her down on the ground to play by my feet. I admit I was a bit distracted for a few minutes while Lauren’s class was singing. After the song was over and I had enjoyed myself for a few minutes…I looked around and started counting my kids. But where was the baby? She wasn’t on our bench, not under my feet; none of the kids had her. I realized little tiny had been missing for several minutes. I leaned over and whispered to Dean “I can’t find the baby” He and I started laughing uncontrollably at our situation. I finally looked in my peripheral to see a lady from across the isle point behind her. I turned my head to see Quincy three rows back sitting on Brother Richardson’s lap, happy as can be sucking on her binky.
I don’t know if the people around us were laughing at Quincy who was waving to us, or if they were just laughing at our incompetent parenting.



Many of you would consider me desperate in many ways.
Recently though…I am desperate for some peace in the early morning without a fly buzzing my ear. ARRGG!

I don’t know what the deal is, but we have a fly epidemic at the Roberts home.

Dean said it’s because I had the exterminators come out and kill all the spiders within a two mile radius.
But I tend to blame the fly epidemic on the horses, and cows that are living it up in our backyard.
I do love living in such a beautiful place…

Although I often drive by neighborhoods in town longingly and see their pristine yards,
and doors wide open; without a care in the world.
I yell from the car “ shut the door!”

Yesterday at our house I yelled, “Shut the door” an average of 15 times per kid / per hour.

You would be impressed if I told you I’ve killed three flies with one swat?
How about if I told you I’ve killed five flies with one whack? not even kidding.

I am going to write a book on fly psychology. I feel like I know their little personalities.

I have names for some of them…Harry, Freddie, Squishy…etc.

I watched two flies the other day play hide and seek in my covers.

One fly got caught in my hair and started to panic and freak out, and crawled right up my neck…
then I started to panic and freak out.

I saw two flies “wrestling” each other and then just dive-bombed it right into the garbage disposal.

I am desperate to be rid of them.

I have turned to Indian Voodoo water bags.

Supposedly the flies are scared of their reflection in the water bags, so they fly away.

I don’t think it’s working though. Today the flies brought all their friends over and they are using the bags as big, warm, trampolines...Harry was even doing the back stroke,..funny guy.


Bundt for everyone

This is an original Nothing Bundt Cake.
According to my personal Guru (Brooke)...
She told me that these cakes are the latest and greatest thing to hit Utah since Cold Stone Creamery.
(Brooke's sister-in-law Cindy was the original guru)
What seems to be a big deal up North in Sandy is just a matter of time before a store opens up here locally. oh the madness!
Brooke thought that she and I ought to open up a franchise.
Too easy I thought, I’d rather have to struggle for my first million.

This is Quincy's first birthday cake.
It was also my first homemade attempt at the latest craze.
Don't judge.



This is a picture of my grandfather John Robert Rawson (my mom's dad).
He was an Air Force fighter pilot in World War II.

Today I am wishing my Grandfather was still alive.
Today I am wishing he could know my kids, and they know him.
Today I am wishing I remembered all the details of when he told about
making a crash landing in shark infested waters.
Today I am wishing that as a child I wasn't so intimidated by him.
Today I am wishing I had more memories of him.

(P.S. Since Sunday Dean has been wishing he could do it all over.
Never marry, become an Air Force pilot, and live it up somewhere in the Caribbean.)



The most amazing thing I've ever seen

Three years ago, Brooke told me about the Thunderbirds and promised me that to see them in person would be life-changing.
Last Sunday we were able to see the Thunderbirds for ourselves,
and bless her heart, she was right.
You know the moment when
you know you know?
That moment for me was during the Air Show, looking skyward as rain poured down.I knew then without a doubt that we live in the greatest country in the world.

It wasn’t just the Thunderbirds that brought such patriotic emotions...
It started as soon as we drove onto the base. To see the men and women in uniform, the jets, the airplanes, and to hear the patriotic music, and the indescribable sounds of the jets as they rocketed by... It was all so amazing!
After landing, the pilots came right up to greet everyone. They were so generous.
Dean and Lauren, still in awe.

Ten minutes into the routine, rain and hail came down in buckets, but just moments later, the skies cleared and the show resumed. literally within two or three minutes.

You "da bomb" Brett! ha ha ha
This Cargo plane could hold four semi-trucks. Kal snuck past the barrier just as a Air Force guy saw him and said "hey we've got a stowaway!"
Quincy went into "survival mode" as soon as the rain and noise started.

All good things come around again. So, if you ever hear of the Thuderbirds coming to your town. GO! (I promise, it's way better than the Stadium of Fire.)



I thought I took a million pictures of Quincy in her first year.
But last night as I laid little Quincy in her bed, I panicked.
I realized I had not taken nearly enough…
It was her last night as a baby.

Today she is ONE.

Is it too cliché to say, “Where did the time go?”
She has grown up before my eyes, yet somehow it seems impossible.
Her first smile,
Her first coo,
Her first babble,
Her first laugh,
Her first word,
Her first sign,
Her first tooth
Her first haircut,
Her first camping trip,
Her first Halloween costume,
Her first Christmas,
Her first year…

This first year is momentous, I know.
However, I do realize that there are many “firsts” to come;

Her first steps,
Her first day of nursery,
Her first loose tooth,
Her first sleepover,
Her first day of school,
Her first best friend,
Her first heartbreak,
Her first job,
Her first date,
Her first car…

Well, that’s enough sentiment for today.



Happy Valley

A couple of weeks ago, we spent some time in Fairfield, Utah
(just South East of the beautiful Eagle Mountain)at Camp Floyd.
We were basically the only people at the park, except for the occasional
Hells Angels gang passing through. “LIVE LONG & FREE ANGELS!”
A Park Ranger gave the kids some stickers, a coloring book and our FIRST STAMP in our Utah Valley Visitor's guidebook. Now that we have one stamp in our book I am compelled, more like obsessed about collecting every stamp offered.
(kind of like the McDonalds Monopoly board...I was one Big Mac away from Park Place)
So, if you are looking for some local distractions this summer,
I suppose Utah Valley is as good a place to start as any.


(a two minute video of the girl who needs to be everything)       So far my hobby has been micro-managing my kids and as rewardi...