Let's hear it for the girls.

I was looking for a picture of all three of my girls.
I came across this one from last year at Universal Studios.
Quincy is wondering why her daddy is wearing such a funny hat.

Yesterday I was taking pictures of my kids as my Dad saddled his horse.
When confronted with her fears; River ran crying back to the van, locked the doors and refused to come out. After finally coaxing her to come out, Dad put poor little terrified River on his horse.
She was wide eyed, and shaking with fear, begging us to get her down.
Just then the horse took off running and bucking….
Just kidding.
She sat on the horse and calmed down long enough to smile through clenched teeth, and have her picture taken. You know what they say about getting back on the horse... well, she did.

Lauren returned from the “Shadow Mountain” girl’s camp yesterday. First thing off the bus Lauren said, “Mom, it was so scary…at camp one of the counselors told us girls about a Gorilla Reserve that was just up the road. He said don’t worry though…if a gorilla escapes, we will be safe cause Gorillas travel South and it was a good thing we were North. Lauren said "just then a man in a gorilla suit jumped out of the trees and started running towards us, all of the girls screamed, and cried and ran in all directions.”
I just hope whoever was in that Gorilla suit got a kick out of scaring a bunch of eleven year old girls...the easiest people in the world to scare.

During church on Sunday our bench was a usual mess of crayons, fruit snack wrappers, books and tissues. Quincy was restless so I put her down on the ground to play by my feet. I admit I was a bit distracted for a few minutes while Lauren’s class was singing. After the song was over and I had enjoyed myself for a few minutes…I looked around and started counting my kids. But where was the baby? She wasn’t on our bench, not under my feet; none of the kids had her. I realized little tiny had been missing for several minutes. I leaned over and whispered to Dean “I can’t find the baby” He and I started laughing uncontrollably at our situation. I finally looked in my peripheral to see a lady from across the isle point behind her. I turned my head to see Quincy three rows back sitting on Brother Richardson’s lap, happy as can be sucking on her binky.
I don’t know if the people around us were laughing at Quincy who was waving to us, or if they were just laughing at our incompetent parenting.


Roberts said…
One time at Sacrament my Dad feel asleep so me and my brother crawled under the bench and went home. I don't remember where my mom was but Dad had a good laugh over it.
Saffron Grass said…
I wished I had been there, we could have silently laughed uncontrollably together, my favorite thing to do with you. So, were you chastising the gorilla for scaring easy prey, or was that an appreciative shout out?
carrie said…
You are hilarious! I love the sacrament meeting description. And I LOVE the fly post, personification of them and all. A buzzing fly in the morning when all else is quiet, who occasionally lands on your head, when you're trying to keep sleeping is about the most annoying thing EVER.
Whether those bags of water work or not, hey, at least they look cool...like giant crystals or something. And at least Harry's enjoying them. :)

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