Pie Crust Promise

Pie Crust promise; easily made...easily broken

Mary Poppins would be so disappointed in me.

My promise last week to announce the giveaway winner has surely left
some of you waiting on pins and needles.

And, the winner is…(you need to click on the comments below to find out)

I feel like Oprah…”You get a car! You get a car! You get a car!”


Grass Roots

There comes a day in everyone’s life where you stand up and say…
Enough is enough…
I’m sick and tired and I’m not going to take it anymore...
Somebody should do something…I should do something…

well, TOMORROW is that day.

If you are in the Provo area tomorrow…BE THERE!
(pitchfork and torch not required)



Ten reasons why you are probably cooler than me

#10 I talk to myself while driving in the car

#9 I have returned something to D.I.

#8 Clusters of circles creep me out. (peas in a row…scales on a fish…sun burn blisters)

#7 My car is usually dirty

#6 I am a talk radio junkie and was actually a caller on a show more than once.

#5 I have club thumbs

#4 If I could do High School over, I would. (and I would totally take state!)

#3 I got in a fight with a woman at the Chevron on my thirtieth birthday.

#2 When I am coming up the stairs alone at night, I imagine monsters are chasing me

And finally the #1 reason why you are probably much cooler than me.....

this is my phone....

and I am very attached to it.


100th post!

Dear bloggies; (blog buddies)

This post marks the Robert’s Report 100th ENTRY!
This post also marks our blog's ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY almost to the day.
So in celebration;
(give said the little stream) GIVEAWAY! GIVEAWAY!
Leave one comment, any comment here by Sunday April 19th and the auditing firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers will randomly select a winner.
(or if they are busy, I will have one of my kids choose.)
The winner will get a handmade item from me…like an apron, or a purse or gift basket.
I will post pictures later.
Over the last year I have truly enjoyed blogging, and in turn reading each of your blogs.
Although, as any good blogger knows…I mostly just love your comments.
Well, virtual reality is calling.
Good night and good luck!


The State of the Union

Last Wednesday marked the fifteenth year of our marriage.
Established in the year nineteen ninety-four;
this union has seen many, many, ups and downs.
Since the beginning of the term, we have had a population increase of six.
(three junior senators, and three lady speakers of the house.)
Although we have not yet managed to balance the budget, fiscal responsibility is fiercely debated in the kitchen till the wee hours of the morning.
Dean is the Commander in Chief responsible for providing for the common defense,
and to promote the general welfare.
Hilary is the Secretary of the Interior with the charge to establish justice,
and insure domestic tranquility.
Through thick and thin, through tragedy and joy, through heartbreak and laughter,
through boredom and monotony… this union remains.
May the years to come bring a lot more of the same,
but a little less stubbornness (Dean) and a little more humility (Hilary).


Isn't she lovely

Check out my new great niece.
Way to go Jessi & Mike.
Life is pretty sweet.

Mr. Incredible

fiddle dee dee, Kal turns THREE!...today

Kal's Superpowers are as listed;

Supersonic ability to talk to horses

Incredibly edible cheeks

Scary Poker face

Melting the ladies hearts since 2006

Ahhh, our HERO..Happy, Happy Birthday Kal!


A matter of opinion

Yesterday I tuned into the Oprah Show
and was immediately aggravated.
The topic was “ Secret Lives of Moms”
Did you see it?
A group of mom’s sitting around talking about their thoughts on motherhood.
Although it was comical at times, mostly their comments were just annoying!
One woman on the show said that after she had a baby she felt like she was tethered to another human being.
(Well, yeah… isn’t that the whole point?)
Another woman on the show told the crowd she hadn’t showered in three weeks.
(Really..? so, you’re telling me you can’t carve out twenty minutes in an day while the baby sleeps to shower?)
It was all so pessimistic.
I realize most of these women were being factitious; but I’m afraid if a new, or expecting mom was watching, she might think that motherhood is something to be feared and dreaded.
Representing motherhood that way took all the legitimacy out of it.
Is motherhood too hard? Does it make us all feel unfulfilled? Are we just supposed to survive it?
Who loves motherhood every minute of every day?
Not me.
But I do cherish my place in this world.
I know a lot of women like my mother, sister, mother-in-law, sister-in-laws, nieces, friends etc. who cherish motherhood as well.
Sorry, Oprah but I don’t subscribe to your take on motherhood.

"Don't confuse fame with success. Madonna is one; Helen Keller is the other." –Erma Bombeck


In case you have nothing better to do

Yesterday was our dinner exchange.
I brought homemade BBQ pizza.
I actually prefer non-homemade pizza.

Here are a couple of good links.

My neighbor Angie is a food purist.
She makes from scratch…everything.
Apparently it is a sin to make a banana cream pie with a pudding mix.
Most of the good recipes I have are hers.(chicken rolls)
This food blog came highly recommended from Angie herself.

BYU is hosting an exhibition on Walter Wick who is the author of the I-spy books.
We haven’t been to it yet, but I hear it’s worth the effort to go.

Want to laugh your pants off?
Go here
I especially love this sexy picture and this one too. Remember side stripes?


Looking back

I picked my favorite post to re-post. This was from April of last year.

Lauren has wanted her ears pierced for oh, about a year now. But every time I would suggest we go, she seemed apprehensive and uninterested. It wasn’t until her very good friend Madison, just recently got her ears pierced that Lauren suddenly had renewed enthusiasm. So the date was set, a mommy/daughter date to get Lauren’s ears pierced. Dean happened to have a rare night off, so he came too with little sister Riv in tow. At the store, Lauren and Dean chose the pricey earrings, I would’ve talked her into the cheap ones, but Dean insisted. Finally the moment arrived; Lauren was in the chair, her ears were marked. Lauren opted for not knowing when it was going to happen. Then, just like that, the saleslady pierced Lauren’s right ear. I was trying to catch it all on tape; I looked at Lauren who was smiling, and River who was simply enthralled. I looked up at Dean who was standing in the background with his arms folded and holding back the tears. I of course teared up as well, not expecting his reaction. Later, I asked Dean why he got so choked up. He said, “It was really hard to just stand there and watch her grow up.“ As we were walking out Dean hugged Lauren, and said “Just be sure to let me know when your getting married.” I had been telling Lauren ‘it’s only going to hurt a little” I guess I should’ve been saying that to Dean as well.

I can't wait

For this movie version…although I'm sure it's not as good as the book.


(a two minute video of the girl who needs to be everything)       So far my hobby has been micro-managing my kids and as rewardi...