I can finally sleep at night... What was on my mind you ask? Well, our family
was asked to sing in church last Sunday...all eight of us.
Not a big deal I know, but we aren’t what you would call
musically inclined...(I am just speaking for myself.)
But we did it.
We pulled it off.
I kept thinking back on the Severe debacle,
and hoping not to do the same. I did get a bit choked up like
Brooke did during the song, which was "I'll walk with you"
I was going for "endearing", and from the comments of the ward members
afterwards which were "bless your hearts.." yeah, I think we did it.

Here is a good old Tuesday laugh for ya. This picture of MOSH-PIT GIRL
makes me laugh everytime I see it. I hear Mosh-Pit Girl has a cult following
on-line among photo-shop people..

P.S. another big WHEW, yesterday we got our family pictures taken.
Jared and Amber were most accommodating. I can't wait to show the pictures
to you...stay tuned..Jared did a GREAT job!



Yeah right!..I wish things were ho-hum...We have now entered
the twilight zone also known as..The Fall. Wade's birthday
was this week, Lauren's is next week, Brett's is the week after,
and River's three weeks after that (no family planning, I know.)
Also, I usually volunteer for some crazy PTA gig this time of
year, every year. Not to mention other family birthdays, football,
church callings, Halloween, etc. I've neglected my blog, my kids,
my laundry,...We are busy...obviously...who isn't. Wade had a great day turning eight. The hit of the party was the last minute "money tree."
My mom made Brooke a money tree years ago, and I always wanted one.
Wade is a money squirrel he has money stashes all around the house.
He knows how much he has to the penny at any given moment.
He was in Heaven.


A Weekend With Wade

My Wadie Golden is turning EIGHT on Monday.
This weekend is all about Wade;
and since I'm not the video guru like Brooke,
a few pictures will have to do.
Wade sure is a handsome little devil, don't you think? Wade is fielding offers of arranged
marriage proposals already.
If there is any goofing around to be done, Wade will be doing it. And just when we are
trying to be real serious in Family Home Evening, guess who cracks a
joke that makes us all laugh? it's hard to get any respect after that.
This is Wade after a few days with the flu. Wade is the best sick kid...he never complains,
he takes care of himself, sleeps like an angel, always makes it to the toilet,
never asks for anything more than water...
so unlike the rest of the family.



I know this has been so overdone,
but I had to write this if only for my own self respect...
So here ya go;

Two bushels of garden grown tomatoes.............free

Eight cans of tomato paste.......................65 cents per can

Peppers, various spices and olive oil.................probably $4.00 worth

Picking, washing, cutting,
juicing, juicing and more juicing,
cooking, stirring, simmering,
bottling, and pressure cooking
eighteen quarts of spaghetti sauce,
all the while realizing that I could simply
go to Maceys and buy a bottle of spaghetti sauce
for just under two dollars -
but gaining a huge sense of accomplishment,
loving the way the pretty red jars line up in my pantry
and all the tomatoey goodness
to last us through the winter..?................priceless.


Sharing the love

Just in case you are feeling a bit baby hungry;
This may help tide you over,...

Or it just might make things worse...


seven years ago

Remembering September 11th 2001

9-11-01 / 8: 15 am - It was a beautiful morning, I had just served
Brett breakfast, getting him ready to catch the bus to go to Kindergarten.
Baby Wade had fallen back to sleep in my bed after I nursed him.
Lauren was still asleep in her bottom bunk, and Dean had already left
for work at Seven Trees. The house was quiet,
I made myself some toast and then walked into the living room,
sat down on the couch and turned on the TV ....

Where were you that day?


A Good Day To Be A Woman

VP Nominee Sarah Palin makes me hopeful for the future;
and I don't know....I just like her.
(I hope she's the real deal.)


Hello, Goodbye

Last Saturday, I was watching from my kitchen
window as a crazy hailstorm drenched our front yard.
I said out loud “hey, that’s not fair” (then River reminded
me that we are not allowed to say that in our family…)
"Ok," I told her, but it really isn’t fair that our summer is
over so quick. I felt cheated a little.
Remember my “Summer To Do List” a couple months back? ...ha!
However idealistic my "To Do" list was, we actually really
did do a lot over the last few months.
Here are some of my favorite snapshots of the summer.


(a two minute video of the girl who needs to be everything)       So far my hobby has been micro-managing my kids and as rewardi...