Football season is here!

Guess who just took down the biggest guy on the team?

This kid…

Brett’s coach was so impressed he was like...

“Nice job Roberts; next time though try to tackle the
guys on the other team, not ours.”


It's happened!

I’ve turned into my Mom.
Not only in her creativity, good looks, wit and charm…
I’ve had that all along...

but recently though I’ve noticed I do all the annoying things to my kids that she did to me as a kid…
For example, I hated it when my mom would come in my room singing all bright and chipper on the first day of school...
“school days, school days, good a golden rule days…”

Guess what I do compulsively now on the first day of school.

And the other day at a store I found myself talking to the store manager about a snooty clerk giving me attitude. Brett stopped breathing, he was so embarrassed.

Yep, I hated when my mom did that to!

In old pictures my mom is always photographed holding babies and
forcing their heads down on her shoulder.

Look what I just found...

And Mom, remember when you used to say to me;
”I wish that when you become a Mom; your kids will make messes in your house
and not clean them up”…

I actually said those exact words to River the other day.

Well, I hope you are happy Mom, and yes..your wish did come true.

pregnant and politics

"I'm so sorry Senator Clinton,..
looks like Obama won the nomination..."

"(cackle) Oh no, please just call me Hil

"yeah tough break..um ..Hil"

"(cackle)keep your chin up kid;
us "Hil's" got to stick together
besides there's always 2012.



All Alone...Almost

Brett left for school this morning at 7:30 - Lauren and Wade left a little after 8:00. River and Kal went "school shopping" with my Mom, and so if you are counting, that just leaves Quincy. Not since those first days in the hospital have I been alone with just my little two-month-old baby. So after I fed the little party animal, she smiled then fell asleep and I ended up outside, watering the flowers, and then I beat myself in a game of tetherball and did some laundry. A quiet house all to myself and that is the best I could come up with…. Pathetic.
This is another favorite movie of mine. I cry several times during the show no matter where I am or what I'm doing. Simple little movie, but good.

My Dog Skip - The Last Scene


What is your favorite movie? I've narrowed mine down a bit. This movie is definitely in my top ten. I love the music, this scene, and also the ending… shumani tutanka owashi!


Good "Clean" Fun

Cleaning tip:
(I actually do this)

One of my biggest pet peeves is a sticky floor.
So, when my kitchen floor needs a good cleaning..(daily)..
I get all the kids together, pour a bucket or two of hot soapy water on the linoleum, give the kids rags and let em go to it. They slip and slide all over, have a great old time, till every inch of the floor is washed. Then I wipe them off with towels, soak up all the water with the towels - and then throw them in the washer..(towels not kids). Obviously it wouldn't work with hardwood floors, but the results are great and I can't remember the last time I was on my hands and knees with the mop bucket.



Dean turned thirty-six yesterday, and I was just thinking today how fond I am of him. However, there are those times when I am so steaming mad at him that I can’t see straight, and I feel like running away, and never talking to him again…(too much?)… well, at those times I am brought back to his open, good arms by remembering these things that I love about him.

I love it when Dean…

Picks up a shovel and goes to work. Dean can do more with a shovel in one hour than I can do all day.

Wrestles with the kids. I try to hide my amusement as the kids get hurt over and over but yet they still go back in for more.

Comes to the hospital the day I am ready to go home after our babies are born. Sometimes he brings me flowers, or treats, but he always dresses up real nice for me.

Goes on and on about my cooking.

Talks philosophical with our kids. Dean never misses the chance to lecture/explain/enlighten even the smallest of minds.

Works on our cars or his motorcycle or the tractor. Dean is so mechanically inclined, it’s scary.

So, here’s to another year me trying to appreciate you more. Happy Birthday Dean!


High Uintas

It’s been years since I’ve been camping in the Uintas. What once was a constant in my childhood has become a rare event in my adult years. So, how lucky we were to be able to spend some time there this past week. The bumpy roads, four hour long drive, dirty children, allergies, sleepless nights, and fear of bears were all well worth it. We sure missed Dean...and I think he missed us. The last three days Brett joined my brothers, Amber and Loxy for an additional ten-mile horse ride into the interior. My heart will always lie deep in the Uinta Mountains.

Uintas '08


(a two minute video of the girl who needs to be everything)       So far my hobby has been micro-managing my kids and as rewardi...