No green thumb here

Look at this beautiful garden.

The straight rows, the thriving and flourishing vegetables and raspberries…

                                             It’s enough to give me heartburn.  

This is my grandparents garden. This is what I desire for my own yard and home.
             however this is what I usually get...   Weeds!

I found these pictures the other day.

They are of my grandparent’s home in the late eighties.

When I first saw them, tears came to my eyes.

My Grandma and Grandpa Neves meticulously took care of their humble yard
        and home by themselves for years.

My 80-something year old grandpa would mow the yard
with an old fashioned push mower.

My grandma would use her walker to get around her flower beds.

She canned everything from beets to raspberry jam,
and gave most of it away to grateful family and neighbors.

It was very typical when visiting to find my grandpa out in the garden on his knees in the heat of the day weeding with his cane.

The other day I was feeling sorry for myself.

Wondering how I am going to stay on top of all the yard work and the ever growing weeds around here.

I certainly didn't inherit a green thumb.

Thinking of my grandparents,

I will never complain again.

At least I have still have
                                                                    and child labor!



     The unnerving sign that read
                                           “ 0 days since the last accident”
                               welcomed us to the Little Sahara State Park (sand dunes) on Sunday.

 I suppose we just missed the Lifeflight.       The "dunes " do have sorta a reputation.

                 Thank goodness we picked

                                 a quiet,
                           non- alcoholic,  



                    day to play in the sand.

Now...I know that

  the Sand Dunes          

which are about

a  half hour West
    of Nephi

aren’t new to anyone,

but it has been about

  25 years since

  I have been

      out there.

I wasn’t disappointed, 
it was just as fun as I remembered.

It was a little kid paradise

and easy on a parent’s nerves.

Letting kids run
around free and easy

all afternoon is good for them.


No water to worry about,

no roads or cars,

no sharp rocks or steep cliffs,

no lines or crowds …

   just a whole lot of  sand in their britches.


I don’t know about you but today I…

(me trying to look good, sucking it in)                               (me getting real and letting it all hang out)
(Pictures are unrelated)

I don't know about you but today I...

woke up at 6:00 am
          realized that it was really 5:00 am (before the daylight saving change)
                    decided to sleep in and woke up again at 9:00 am …gulp

got honked at 1.5 seconds after the light turned green.
I hate people who honk their car horn.
(I would sit through a whole green light rather than honk at someone)

went to Wal-Mart and Maceys and still forgot to buy toilet paper.
Payson Market here I come

snapped at my kids in the parking lot and then looked around and waved at someone I knew who was watching me 

spent two hours getting my kids caught up on their immunizations.
Kal didn’t even flinch after 6 shots, not even a whimper

ran to Brett’s school twice.
once to deliver his forgotten book report and again to deliver his forgotten extra credit.
(that’s what you call enabling)

finished a book - (The Glass Castle)

left the house a total wreck this morning. Seriously you would’ve been ashamed of me

bought some cute shoes for Lauren. She dresses better than me nowadays

saw a young handsome man in a suit on the side of the road holding a sign that read
“recent BYU grad willing to work for money”

made dinner for four families for the dinner exchange (nothing special, BBQ sandwiches)

ate three Crunch ice-cream bars myself

love Mondays 

plucked two singular eyebrow hairs, just couldn’t handle the pain anymore

bought a carton of fresh mushrooms, don't ask me why - they will go to waste

saw the first fly of the year in the house



Where will you spending the next 18 months?

Me? I will probably still be here changing diapers and changing lives, ha...

As for my lovely, but crazy parents....

They will be in Sierra Leone, West Africa serving a mission!

How can they imagine leaving all of us behind you might be asking?

Somehow I think they will be just fine -
Actually I will be surprised if they ever come back home.

Congrats to my niece Little Miss Indy for winning Little Miss Lindon
She is truly talented,
you should've seen her hip-hop dance that she choreographed herself.
 It was like I was watching a young Paula Abdul....straight up y'all.


Waking the baby

Everyday at about 2:00 p.m "the baby" (Quincy) takes a much needed nap.
Yes, I realize her time as "the baby" will be coming to an end soon.
Still, we call her the baby.
If I keep things relatively quiet she will sleep and sleep and sleep.
It's awesome.
But of course the downside is that she is so hyper,
                                                         wanting to play and tearing off her diaper at 11:00 pm.
So I try make a point of waking her up from her nap prematurely.

Here's how it goes...

grumpy baby ....
   resisting the wake-up call

ornery baby asking for a "ba ba"

getting "ba ba"


wait for it....

wait for it....

There she is!

Peekaboo baby...


Smells like Teen Spirit

Photo of the Week
Date: A Saturday morning in February 2010
Subject: Wade and Lauren kickin it at SFHS

Smells are a big deal for me. Good or bad ones, it doesn’t matter.
I love how certain people always smell like Tide detergent
I love how certain people always smell like breath mints
I am not one of them.
I hate the typical household smells that inevitably linger around here
…the dirty, rolled up wet sock smell
…the musty bathroom with six wet towels on the floor smell
…the slimy garbage disposal full of morning cereal smell
The other day I took Brett to his basketball game which was held at my alma mater,
good old Spanish Fork High School.

The moment I swung the door wide and entered the building I was almost knocked over
             with a smell that I remembered from my youth.

Suddenly I was swept up with memories of
                   basketball games, pep rallies, and victory dances.

Memories flooded back of my teen years spent in the old gym,
                   and I started telling the kids about the "glory days.”

The smell was so distinct almost a mix between body odor, hormones and floor wax.

I suddenly had the desire to curl and hairspray my bangs,
                            get a spiral perm,  
                                wear blue eyeliner,
                                      peg my pants and listen to my "Vanilla Ice" tape.


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