I thought I took a million pictures of Quincy in her first year.
But last night as I laid little Quincy in her bed, I panicked.
I realized I had not taken nearly enough…
It was her last night as a baby.

Today she is ONE.

Is it too cliché to say, “Where did the time go?”
She has grown up before my eyes, yet somehow it seems impossible.
Her first smile,
Her first coo,
Her first babble,
Her first laugh,
Her first word,
Her first sign,
Her first tooth
Her first haircut,
Her first camping trip,
Her first Halloween costume,
Her first Christmas,
Her first year…

This first year is momentous, I know.
However, I do realize that there are many “firsts” to come;

Her first steps,
Her first day of nursery,
Her first loose tooth,
Her first sleepover,
Her first day of school,
Her first best friend,
Her first heartbreak,
Her first job,
Her first date,
Her first car…

Well, that’s enough sentiment for today.



Platt Lucky 7 said…
LOVE IT!!! HAppy Birthday Quincy! So adorable, just like all of the others.
Allyson said…
It is kinda sad to watch your babies grow up. Ivie is almost 4 and I cant beleive it.....
Saffron Grass said…
That second picture of Quincy is the kind you blow up and make into a poster. It's awesome. I can't believe Quincy is one, and that makes Mary just about 2, and you just about 35...I should stop there.

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