This is a picture of my grandfather John Robert Rawson (my mom's dad).
He was an Air Force fighter pilot in World War II.

Today I am wishing my Grandfather was still alive.
Today I am wishing he could know my kids, and they know him.
Today I am wishing I remembered all the details of when he told about
making a crash landing in shark infested waters.
Today I am wishing that as a child I wasn't so intimidated by him.
Today I am wishing I had more memories of him.

(P.S. Since Sunday Dean has been wishing he could do it all over.
Never marry, become an Air Force pilot, and live it up somewhere in the Caribbean.)



Randi said…
Ok, Dave has been wishing the same thing since Sunday, too! You're not alone!!! HAHA! In a way, I'm kind of wishing the exact same thing! Or that I had married that one hottie pilot (don't tell, and yes, I am done oggiling him on your blog and FB)

Awesome about your grandpa! I always wish my grandparents were still around, too. I miss my grandpas the most. They had the best stories and I really think they would have gotten a kick out of my boys. I often get sentimental about it as well. Good post-yet again!
Allyson said…
Im sure Dean didnt mean that! All dads think they want to be free, but they would soon learn that they would be misserable alone. And grandpa did meet and know your kids, in heaven...
Elise said…
That is a really great picture. Your grandpa sounds pretty neat :).

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