Many of you would consider me desperate in many ways.
Recently though…I am desperate for some peace in the early morning without a fly buzzing my ear. ARRGG!

I don’t know what the deal is, but we have a fly epidemic at the Roberts home.

Dean said it’s because I had the exterminators come out and kill all the spiders within a two mile radius.
But I tend to blame the fly epidemic on the horses, and cows that are living it up in our backyard.
I do love living in such a beautiful place…

Although I often drive by neighborhoods in town longingly and see their pristine yards,
and doors wide open; without a care in the world.
I yell from the car “ shut the door!”

Yesterday at our house I yelled, “Shut the door” an average of 15 times per kid / per hour.

You would be impressed if I told you I’ve killed three flies with one swat?
How about if I told you I’ve killed five flies with one whack? not even kidding.

I am going to write a book on fly psychology. I feel like I know their little personalities.

I have names for some of them…Harry, Freddie, Squishy…etc.

I watched two flies the other day play hide and seek in my covers.

One fly got caught in my hair and started to panic and freak out, and crawled right up my neck…
then I started to panic and freak out.

I saw two flies “wrestling” each other and then just dive-bombed it right into the garbage disposal.

I am desperate to be rid of them.

I have turned to Indian Voodoo water bags.

Supposedly the flies are scared of their reflection in the water bags, so they fly away.

I don’t think it’s working though. Today the flies brought all their friends over and they are using the bags as big, warm, trampolines...Harry was even doing the back stroke,..funny guy.


Allyson said…
Yah living on a farm, you are never going to get rid of them... When Im at my moms house I yell shut the door at my own kids like 15 times too. You could try those automatic fly sprayers. They squirt out spray as often as you want. You could hang up ugly fly strips by the doors.
Randi said…
My parents have the same epidemic. It's the joys of rural life...but let us know if the voodoo bags work...;)

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