photo of the week

"Knock it off Napoleon ...make yourself a dang quesadilla..."

Five years ago
Wade as Napoleon Dynamite

I entered Wade in a "Napoleon Dynamite" look-a-like contest when Wade was just three.
He indulged me as we practiced movie quotes all the way to Provo.
Wade was the only child in a crowd of about 50 nerdy dressed-up college students.
It was 2005- the height of the Napoleon Dynamite craze.
Number 33 (next to Wade) was quite competitive and kept giving Wade dirty looks.

Imagine how awkward it was for everyone as they called Wade up on stage to do his "impressions" for the crowd...
(something I had set up before hand with the contest organizers)

ohhh Man!...I could've died.

It was just Wade standing alone on the stage as I sat on the steps and fed him his lines.
Wade performed fine...but the die-hard Napoleon fans almost booed him off the stage.

He was just an amateur who's mom thought he was adorable.
The other look-a-like nerds knew the movie "frontwards and back".

Lesson learned...not everyone thinks your kid is a cute as you do.

A few months later, my niece told me that she had spotted Wade in a local magazine.

Wow! Wade's first claim to fame.
Take that number 33!


becoming a better...

For me, 2009 just never quite got it's groove on.
But 2010 is definitely my year!

in this new year,
this new decade,
offering me like a hundred do-overs,
I want to be a better...well, everything.
I would like to become a better...hmmmm
a better housekeeper..?
better mother.. ?
those are all a given, right?
Maybe I'll become a better rock climber
and see where that takes me.
*ok, snap back*
Recently I found these helpful hints helpful on my new quest of
"becoming a better..."

Amy of the Savvy Shopper came up with this list;
I liked the simplicity of the schedule

Daily Goals:

- Clean Kitchen
- Song Day (Sing or listen to music with the kids.)

- Bathrooms
- Book Day (Read books or be read to.)

- Paperwork
- Game Day (Play a game ? indoor or outdoor.)

- Bedrooms
- Kids Craft/Cook Day (Try something new or an old favorite.)

- Laundry
- Computer Day (Explore outer space or just space out!)

- Vacuum & Dust

- Cut Coupons, Rest

She writes;
"...It's just my two cents, but I believe one of the biggest problems with goal setting is being overly critical of our perceived failures no matter how grandiose the objective.

BUT, no one is perfect! While we can be a bit obsessive in our quest for perfection, the weight of trying to be perfect wastes time, saps strength and is simply depressing. There has to be room for error and credit for partial successes!

As a mother of young children I've found that setting smaller goals, and using them as stepping stones is essential for long-term success.

I, too, wanted a perfectly clean house, but it seemed perfectly impossible. So I developed a schedule of short-term daily goals about eight years ago to help organize my time and achieve my objective while still allowing time with my children. I laminated this list and hung it on the fridge as a constant visible reminder. Note: I NEVER get everything perfectly done every day, but as long as I get something done ? even one shelf in the refrigerator wiped down on Monday or 20 undistracted minutes with the kids, I've succeeded in my goal! Any success, no matter how small, is ALWAYS a win in my book! Try writing down your daily goals and you might find some of them getting done more often! One step in the right direction is still progress..."

good advice eh?

well, deep breath..and wish me luck.


Not so photogenic you say? well, try again

There’s nothing I love more than an old fashioned photo booth.

Not the trendy new color photo booths that you find at
now a days -

but the old fashioned ghetto kind -

The kind that you step inside...
roll the seat to eye level...
drop in eight quarters...
close the filthy curtain and anticipate the flash...

The only one I have been able to find still around here is at K-Mart on State in Orem.

This picture was taken two summers ago when I was out with just Brett and baby Quincy.
Some of these were taken just before school started last Fall

Recently I asked…
then bribed…
then demanded…

that my family indulge me in a photo shoot.
They were less than cooperative.

I know you’ve tried to get family pictures taken…
It’s a nightmare, right?
Nobody but "the Mom” wants to do it
and nobody but "the Mom"
actually puts forth any effort,

but everyone loves to look at the results, and wonders why we didn’t get more pictures of just them.

I made the kids take individual shots of themselves for a job chart in the making.

We finally all crammed in the booth making a spectacle of ourselves and guess what?

Three minutes later everyone was fighting over the new pictures

Trying to be impulsive doesn’t always translate with six kids and a husband.


Happy Boxing Day!

Boxing Day at our home represents the first day after Christmas that reality hits.

This is the day that the kids go back to school
and Dean goes back to work
and I am left alone with the mess of the Holidays.
The January Blues set in.
In our early years we all dreaded this day.
But in recent years we decided to celebrate it.
The kids wake up on the first day back to school wishing each other...
"Happy Boxing Day!"
River wished the cashier at Wal-mart
"Happy Boxing Day" To which the confused cashier responded
"...you too"
Treats are involved...usually pictures and videotaping of the kids for a "time-capsule".
My mother-in-law has always said; everyone needs something to look forward to;
So, on Boxing Day we try to find things to look forward to.

Everyone leaves the house in the morning,
and by the time they get home Christmas is all boxed up and put away for another year.
I get to feel like Superwoman by doing all the cleanup myself.
Now don’t laugh…
For me nothing is as satisfying as throwing away a bunch of junk without anyone objecting or even knowing.
Then we go out to eat, and find some fun activity to do.
This year we went to Golden Corral. (not my first choice…we had a gift certificate)
Then ice skating.

This time of year Gloom and Boredom can set in and become your live-in-boyfriends.
I say kick ‘em out!

To finish off the day we write a list of things we are looking forward to...
and ONE goal for the year.
(we aim low around here)
Stuff like;
Hilary’s Goal 2010-
*Try not to be mad in the mornings…
Dean’s Goal 2010 -
*Support my wife as she tries not to be mad in the mornings...etc.
Well, I hate to be a Debbie Downer…
but alas, it’s morning again…
and again I’ve failed my goal...
every day this whole year.

I knew I was aiming too high.


Maybe, Maybe Santa Baby

Christmas 2009 has left me deep-in-thought and reflective on it all.
I can’t quite put my finger on it…but this year was different -
I was off my game.
yet somehow Christmas came…
it came just the same…
It came without ribbons…
it came without bows…
it came without packages, boxes or bows.
Oh..wait -
(sorry..that was from the "Grinch" which has been playing non-stop around here.)
Anyway, I keep telling myself.
"buck up little camper, there's always next year"

Maybe next year we will get around to hanging the outside Christmas lights,
Maybe next year we will send the Christmas cards out before Valentines day.

Maybe next year I won’t say things like “hurry up” or “stop laughing” or "you better get happy right now!...it's Christmas Eve for Heaven's sakes"
Maybe next year I will actually believe Dean when he “pretend sleeps” on the couch conveniently just as I ask for his help to wrap presents on Christmas Eve
Maybe next year I'll hire a professional photographer...instead of coaxing my three year old into taking a picture for posterity

Maybe next year Santa will strategically wrap presents better so my kids won't automatically say "I already know what it is..."
Maybe next year the phrase "who do you think your Santa is anyway?" will actually mean something to this kid.

Maybe next year River will out-grow her need to perform...

Maybe next year I will remember or take the time to comb Quincy’s hair
Christmas morning (or my own hair for that matter)

Maybe next year Santa will get it right, and put MY name on this bike instead of Lauren's

Maybe next year Lauren will get what she really wanted for Christmas (her brother’s DSi)

Maybe next year Quincy will choose not to drink and drive

Maybe next year Kal will finally act a little excited about his presents

Maybe next year Santa will resist the urge to get “Flarp” for all the kids. It usually gets shelved anyway after first getting on the carpet, hair and clothes

Maybe by next year I will finish making the quilts for the kids that I so famously walked down Main Street with. When Dean first questioned my abilities I scoffed and told him
"It'll be a piece of cake man..piece of cake)

Maybe next year my family will rebel against acting out the traditional "Kids Nativity" However all the crying and pouting are worth it in the end(and that's just from our husbands)

Maybe next year I won't be pregnant and tired...

but then again, maybe not. ha ha
(just kidding Brett)


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