Where's the love?

The other day I was reading this article about the trend of mommy blogging.
The article tries to explain the phenomenon.
While reading about it, I wondered why I spend some of my spare time blogging.
I came up with several reasons.
One, is because it connects me with an outside world of other women who are very much like me. Two, it's fun, Three, peer pressure...etc.
I guess I really don't know my motivation.
In the meantime...
If you like Seriously So Blessed Then you may just like this blog...
Why Mormon Girls Stay Single;
Sometimes the humor and cynicism is so spot-on that it's kind of funny.
However, other times some of the posts make me so mad that I feel like writing
a scathing e-mail to the chauvinist pig who writes the thing.
But I think that’s exactly what he would want.
Although; whoever writes the blog should be applauded for bravery for actually
putting such words together on a screen.(start at mistake #1)
Just some interesting weekend reading for you.

Stop motion dreaming

I wish I dreamed like this.


Last Friday was "job shadowing day" at the Junior High.

Brett went with Dean to work
(Dean is a draftsman at Dynamic Structures).
I told Brett, if he wanted he could job shadow me all day
he just smirked and then rolled his eyes.
I guess he finds the daily accomplishments of a stay-at-home mom boring.
how dare he!
During his job shadowing day I think Brett learned a lot about
the work force...like...
how to get to level 43 on the Lord of the Rings game, and that
lunch at the office is much better than the school cafeteria,
and power naps are taken right after lunch,
and the boss doesn't really care if you are late.
In other exciting news...
I just discovered Inspector Hector.

It's a magic trick for getting kids to brush their teeth properly.
I may be late to the game on this one...but I love this product!
So when "said child" comes to me with a blue mouth and says...
"mom...I did brush!"
I can tell him to march his little behind back up stairs and try again.
yesterday I made chicken enchiladas for the dinner exchange.
Our menu this week is;
Spaghetti pie; Breakfast casserole; Chicken enchiladas and Hamburger casserole.
It was so nice to have dinner all ready for us..
although Lauren was so paranoid about finding a hair.
again, so far so good.


I'll have what he's having!

Yes, I am a lazy blogger,
but my kids think this video is funny.
This weekend we are...
attending Jessica's baby shower
trimming our fruit trees
being the kids basketball fans
watching the Oscars
and just kicking back
have a great weekend!


What's for dinner?

Tonight we are having Swiss chicken...
Monday we had shepherds pie…
Last night we had stuffed pasta shells;
and tomorrow night we are having scalloped potatoes and ham.
Don’t be too impressed;
usually I don’t start thinking about making dinner
until I see the kids eating crackers from the food storage.
But this week I joined a COOKING CO-OP with some friends,
and now dinner for the week is done!
We all make four pans of one main course item and then
once a week we all get together and exchange meals.
…cook once - eat all week…
The best part is that I’ve had a clean kitchen for most of the week ...
enough said.
I’ll share our weekly menu and tips on my blog,
and let you know how it is going.
But so far so good!


Family Night

Well, Valentines Day is over for another year...
thank goodness!
between the elbow shoving in the candy isle at Wal-Mart,
and the "best homemade Valentines" contest that
I always get sucked into...
I am not a biggest fan of February 14th.
As my friend says:
"for those who do not have a significant other,
it is "single awareness day."
And for those who DO have a significant other,
it is "single-life contemplation day."
C'est La Vie
We did have a great time this weekend at the
South Summit Aquatic Center in Kamas, Utah. This little facility is great.
The sixty-mile trip up the mountains is worth it because...

A) This little indoor Oasis has a great swimming, climbing wall, and fitness center.

B) $3.00 for kids and $ 5.00 for adults.

C) We practically had the whole place to ourselves.

D) We stopped by "the Train" or Dairy Keen in Heber City.
And, as for pictures of me swimming...?
Hey, look - there's my knee!


A day in the life.

Anyone who has ever had an eight month old
knows exactly how busy they can be. This video made me smile.


Hi mom!

365 days…
One year ago...
It was our twenty-week ultrasound.
Dean and I sat there waiting…
just hoping for a healthy baby.
We knew the routine,
Been there, done that...
Boy or girl?
We did not want to find out.
Then as the images came up on the screen;

Surprisingly there was a small, open hand…
freeze frame.
I loved that little hand the second I saw it.
Flash forward through pregancy, labor, newborn, no sleep, rolling over,
first smile, first word..
Now one year later....Ta Da! we have baby Quincy.



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