The King of Pop

When I was ten -
I took a summer babysitting job for a working mom in my neighborhood.
8:00 am - 3:00 pm four days a week.
Three little rowdy boys
$1.00 an hour - seven dollars for the whole day.
But because she had MTV - it was all worth it.
I was in the height of my Michael Jackson craze.
At one point I was trying to save money to go to one of his concerts,
until my cousin Jamie told me “Utah” banned MJ because of his dancing.
I would feed the boys Spaghetti O's and send them to play in the backyard,
as I practiced the "moonwalk" on their wood floors.
I received the “Thriller Album” for Christmas one year;
and I would fall to sleep listening to it every night.
Say what you will about him.
I agree he was Wacko-Jacko the last 20 years;
He was eccentric and disturbing.
His personal life was pitiful.
But he will always be the King of Pop to me.

skip to 3:35 & 4:33 for the moonwalk


Randi said…
My sis and I were reminscing about the time our dad came home from work with two MJ posters rolled up under his arm! We squeeled like you could not believe! I have no idea where he got them and what possed him to buy them for us, but we were delighted!! I think we all have some pretty funny MJ memories! Hee-hee, shumon!
Amie said…

I hadn't read your blog or anyone's for that matter in awhile. I read the last three or fours post you have written. I have always loved the way you write. I enjoyed ALL of your little stories. Hil, your the best. I love you to death.

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