Boiling point

Let's be honest...don't we all feel like feeding our kids to the sharks once in a while?
I've been trying to re-install everything on my computer,
and have admittedly neglected my kids.
Yesterday River was jabbering non-stop about going swimming and asking for a treat at 10:00 AM. Exasperated I said,(while rapidly pushing the delete button)
"for Heaven sakes River...just cancel".
I think I might be spending too much time on the computer.


a red Otter Pop in the shade - so underrated.


A word to the wise...from the un-wise

These are just a few of the pictures that until two days ago, I thought were lost forever.

Last Thursday my computer froze up.
My hard drive crashed, and I foolishly had nothing backed up.
I cannot describe the mental anguish that I have been going through for the past week while I waited.
Needless to say my pictures were able to be saved.
The ironic thing was just that morning I sat down to back everything up, but it was too late, my hard drive was already fried.
I have prayed, begged, pleaded, cried and not slept all weekend long while my computer was in the "Hospital."
The mental torture was almost too much.
I had over ten thousand pictures saved on my computer.
I was lucky, and I have never been so relieved.
It was as if I woke up from a bad dream.
So, word to the wise? Don't be as foolish as I was.
Don't procrastinate saving your priceless memories.


Fatherly Advice

I love this website... 1001 RULES FOR MY UNBORN SON.
If you want some light and fun summer reading,
check it out...if you haven't already.
The book is coming this Fall.
As far as the best advice I've recieved from my own father?
it was this...
"Hil, it's all just the Lord's money anyway"...

Here are some of my favorite excerpts from the blog which is a list (in progress).

1001 RULES FOR MY UNBORN SON by Walker Lamond
Let's get some things straight before I get old and uncool.

# 270. Stand up to bullies.
You'll only have to do it once.

# 366. Never push someone off a dock.
The view is better when you’re not afraid of who’s behind you.

#279. Take her picture.
She takes yours.

# 83. Be a good passer, but don't forget to shoot.
And the day you beat your dad is the day you start paying your own way.


4th of July Weekend...The Good - The Bad and The Ugly


The GOOD - We were too lazy to save a spot ahead of time, but Saturday morning as we walked along the crowded sidewalk, we paused under a tree. Minutes later the people in front of us got up and left, leaving us their primo, shaded spot. SCORE!
Most people around us were friendly and good to our kids.
I was in such a good mood, and I was compelled to buy a flower headband as large as Quincy's head from a street vendor.
Wade jumped up and snagged a free t-shirt
Kal and River made friends with Congressman Chaffetz,
and Brett used Quincy to get some waves and smiles from a few Provo High cheerleaders.

The BAD -
Every year I ask myself why. Why, do I go through this parade misery? The crowds, the heat, the cranky kid aftermath etc.

The only saving grace this year was this Polynesian marching band, the patriotic floats and my favorite..the bagpipes.

The UGLY –
I think it’s lame to have a parade full of advertisements.
This year the parade was full of them. Centurion Security was the big parade finale. Yawn.
Captain America however made me laugh. He was a very confident yet portly superhero.


Being isolated with the kids on a hot day playing in cool water...
It was all good.

The BAD -
The resulting mounds of dirty, sandy, smelly laundry
and a dirty, sandy, smelly car, backroom, shower and bathtub.

The UGLY - The water was a bit swift and high and there were a few creepy crawlies. Lauren had a leech stuck to her foot. She thought it was just some mud and tried to wipe it off, when she realized it wasn't dirt she ran Helter Skelter through the bushes screaming "get it off, get it off!"

The GOOD –
Lauren danced this year as a Stadium of Fire dancer. She worked so hard for several months practicing and even earned her own money to go. ($175).

Dean and I reluctantly (not really) left the other kids at home and went to the Stadium of Fire ourselves. For a first timer it wasn't too bad, actually pretty good.
I gave it a 7 out of 10. The F-16’s flying overhead were awesome and even the Jonas Brothers were entertaining. Mostly Dean and I took turns trying to spy Lauren on the field.

The BAD –
The harsh, brutal all day and night practices leading up to Lauren’s dance.
The Nazi-like dance teacher who called me during practice the day before and said ”Um, like if Lauren doesn’t get here in ten minutes, we are giving her spot away.” (all the while Lauren is throwing up outside the stadium because of heat exhaustion)

However when it was all over and we were walking the two miles to our car, we asked Lauren if she would do it again next year…
she said excitedly “YES!...Can I?”
I was crying inside.

The UGLY –
The tacky treatment of the military families being roped off on the field. Only allowed to sit on the ground relegated to sit behind the dancers, VIP seating and the sponsors. Tacky, tacky.

On our walk to the car, guess who's limo pulled up right in front of us?

Yep..the Jo Bro's.

The sad thing was that Lauren could've cared less, but I was the one that got all starstruck and screamed 'We love you Jonas Brothers!'


Four Freedoms

I borrowed a large, hardbound Norman Rockwell picture book from my Mom the other day.
She just may not ever get it back.
I forgot how much I love all his paintings.
Someday I am going to have this Four Freedoms series framed and hanging on my wall.
Happy Independence day to everyone, and God bless America.






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