Happy Valley

A couple of weeks ago, we spent some time in Fairfield, Utah
(just South East of the beautiful Eagle Mountain)at Camp Floyd.
We were basically the only people at the park, except for the occasional
Hells Angels gang passing through. “LIVE LONG & FREE ANGELS!”
A Park Ranger gave the kids some stickers, a coloring book and our FIRST STAMP in our Utah Valley Visitor's guidebook. Now that we have one stamp in our book I am compelled, more like obsessed about collecting every stamp offered.
(kind of like the McDonalds Monopoly board...I was one Big Mac away from Park Place)
So, if you are looking for some local distractions this summer,
I suppose Utah Valley is as good a place to start as any.


Roberts said…
I think that is a smart idea to explore Utah Valley. I always had great plans when the kids were little, but I usually had a couple of day-care kids so we never did much.
Randi said…
Youa re such a fun family! Full of awesome adventures. Can we start tagging along?

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