The most amazing thing I've ever seen

Three years ago, Brooke told me about the Thunderbirds and promised me that to see them in person would be life-changing.
Last Sunday we were able to see the Thunderbirds for ourselves,
and bless her heart, she was right.
You know the moment when
you know you know?
That moment for me was during the Air Show, looking skyward as rain poured down.I knew then without a doubt that we live in the greatest country in the world.

It wasn’t just the Thunderbirds that brought such patriotic emotions...
It started as soon as we drove onto the base. To see the men and women in uniform, the jets, the airplanes, and to hear the patriotic music, and the indescribable sounds of the jets as they rocketed by... It was all so amazing!
After landing, the pilots came right up to greet everyone. They were so generous.
Dean and Lauren, still in awe.

Ten minutes into the routine, rain and hail came down in buckets, but just moments later, the skies cleared and the show resumed. literally within two or three minutes.

You "da bomb" Brett! ha ha ha
This Cargo plane could hold four semi-trucks. Kal snuck past the barrier just as a Air Force guy saw him and said "hey we've got a stowaway!"
Quincy went into "survival mode" as soon as the rain and noise started.

All good things come around again. So, if you ever hear of the Thuderbirds coming to your town. GO! (I promise, it's way better than the Stadium of Fire.)


Allyson said…
Oh I wish we knew about it! mabye next time.
Randi said…
MUCH better than the stadium of fire! So neat you got to meet the pilots! I didn't even know they did that...and he's a hottie, too! It's funny seeing your pictures in the same places we were and to think we didn't bump into you at all. We loved it as well!!
Anonymous said…
Oh Hil, you make my heart swell. I am so glad you got to experience it. We did from outside the gate and it was so amazing and awesome, yet still not as good as being right there with the awesome sound of the jets. That is one sound I will never forget.

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