Nothing to see here...

Call me crazy, but I love family reunions.
I've made a slideshow of our recent Roberts Reunion at Stephen & Leisa's cabin.
I realize that unless you have Roberts DNA running through your veins,
these pictures will bore you to death.
To be honest if it were your family reunion pictures,
I probably wouldn't be interested either.

However; early Friday morning twenty or so of us hiked up to the Grandaddy Lakes in the Uintas.
I think its about eight miles round trip...I could be wrong.
I didn't think our little family had it in us, and I secretly thought we would turn back after the first mile. But, we made it ..all of us!
Take that Timp Cave!


Platt Lucky 7 said…
Looks like that was ALOT of fun. If we ever do a Fam Reunion, you will have to give me some pointers. :)
Devin & Jordyn said…
I looks like everyone had fun! I wish I could have been there:(
Allyson said…
one day I hope we can have a little spot of heaven!
Heather said…
I definetely wasn't bored, they were great pictures. Hopefully Braelyn's best friend can come see us again soon.
Roberts said…
I'm glad you took pictures. I always forget and never get enough. Our lawn even looks decent in the pictures, it kinda of looks like grass.
Saffron Grass said…
Hil, I'm glad you able to make it into one of the pictures, sad to see it was when you were packing up and too busy to take pictures. What is this world coming to. Oh, the humanity!
Gayle said…
Is someone sleeping in Pink!!!!!!

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