Bundt for everyone

This is an original Nothing Bundt Cake.
According to my personal Guru (Brooke)...
She told me that these cakes are the latest and greatest thing to hit Utah since Cold Stone Creamery.
(Brooke's sister-in-law Cindy was the original guru)
What seems to be a big deal up North in Sandy is just a matter of time before a store opens up here locally. oh the madness!
Brooke thought that she and I ought to open up a franchise.
Too easy I thought, I’d rather have to struggle for my first million.

This is Quincy's first birthday cake.
It was also my first homemade attempt at the latest craze.
Don't judge.


Roberts said…
That is really cute. You do have a knack. I always tried cute cakes and they were pretty sad.
Randi said…
Can I be your first employee?
Saffron Grass said…
Hil, I'm so impressed. I was under the impression you were just humoring me and low and behold, you were calculating. I'm proud and the cake looks amazing. How did it taste?
Amie said…

You could do anything you wanted and make an easy first million and we all know it! You are amazingly talented. I love the little cake and the baby Quincy too. Good job!
severegirl said…
Cuteness! Good job!
Our family said…
Hil - I am judging you on the cake.... A PERFECT 10!!!! I love it and you are so talented. Hope to see you around town soon. Loves, Kaye

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