This is the place

Utah representing tonight on American Idol...ahh the anticipation!
Meanwhile, this video is cute and funny (i linked from Elises' blog)
A couple of times during the video,
two grown men start dancing with the kids; (at 0:53 - 1:27 and 2:10 etc.)
I am super impressed with their skills.
I can see my brother-in-law Scott doing something like that.
In fact, I challenge Brooke and Scott to do their own "Single Ladies" video.
Really who needs American Idol?
Everyone can be an American Idol thanks to You Tube!


Reverse Psychology

Almost every afternoon it’s the same old thing….
After lunch I go up in my room to put Quincy down for a nap.
River follows me offering her motherly advice,
and wanting to lay next to Quincy.
Kal stubbornly yells from the other room…
“Me not gonna take a nap!”
Then I yell down to him “Ok, just us girls will take a nap.”
Then he says, ”Ok, I stay up by myself!”
Then I yell “you stay down there, don’t come up here.”
Then he yells ”Ok!”
Then the house fills with quiet…
And sure enough, within the minute I hear Kal running up the stairs to join us.
I am the master of reverse psychology.


Just because Slideshow

I have been feeling guilty because
I didn't get around to posting pictures from some major events from the Fall.
I know, I know, it's the end of January...but what the heck,
I'm going to break blog rules and post a slideshow that is "so last year..."
Enjoy Wade's baptism, Brett becoming a teenager,
Jared & Amber’s wedding, and River’s “Fancy Nancy” party.


Domestic bliss

Just in case you might think I am an unfit mother or wife...
Here is one of my best no-fail, go-to recipes that will surely impress you.

Chicken rolls

24 Rhodes dinner rolls
3 cups cubed chicken
2 pkg cream cheese
Parmesan cheese
Salad Supreme seasoning
2 tbsp. Olive Oil
1 beaten egg
½ stick butter melted

Let rolls un-thaw according to directions.
Sauté chicken in saucepan in olive oil.
Cut and cube cooled chicken.
Mix cream cheese and chicken, salt and pepper to taste.
Pat rolls out into 3-inch circles,
fill each circle with 2 Tbsp of chicken filling.
Pinch together to seal edges,
and place in greased muffin tin, seam side down.
Brush each roll with beaten egg then,
sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and Salad Supreme.
Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes or until light brown.


Honey, I can explain...

Apparently, this is the result of a overworked, underpaid, bored,
cooped up, crazy housewife on her first night out with the girls...
I should've just gone to Temple Night with my husband.

Andrea talked all of us into joining a girls only Fantasy Football League.
Thus, the Femme Fatale Fantasy Football league was born.
Personally I didn't do so hot.
My team was awesome in the beginning but I did make a few crucial mistakes;
like...um, giving up control to my biggest competitor...
underestimating the blood-thirsty nature of
Tammy, Brooke, Kim & Jocelin...and of course the sweet, loveable Andrea.
oh yeah and not really ever playing the game.
Next year ladies...NEXT YEAR!


Christmas in pictures

This year Christmas morning found us in a hotel room in the sunny south,
far away from anything cold.
After traveling several hours through the night on Christmas Eve with my parents
we nestled the kids in room # 284 at the Hampton.
The kids were half asleep as they hung their stockings.
We tucked them into bed and whispered dreams of free continental breakfast and sleeping in.
Santa did find us and once again He did not disappoint.
There were many exclaims of WOW! AWESOME! NO WAY! and COOL!
and that was just from Dean…ha ha)
This year we broke out of the traditional and mixed it up a bit.
Even though we missed our little warm home and extended family on Christmas day; we truly enjoyed having my parents all to ourselves and let them spoil us to their little hearts content.


I had a weird dream last night...

in my dream I was waiting in a doctor's office,
waiting to go into labor...
labor as in childbirth...
yeah, it was more of a nightmare.
The nurse called out my name,
and I stood up and followed her
because it was my turn to go into labor.
I wasn't pregnant, just sitting in a waiting room being
scared to death and fearing the unavoidable pain.
well, imagine my relief when I woke up and...
YES! it was all just a dream.

I’ve had dreams like that before. I’m sure you probably have too.
Dreams that shake me up so bad that in the morning when
I wake I can’t describe the relief I feel realizing it was all just a dream.
Then, throughout that whole day I tend to appreciate the little things,
the normal, everyday things.
I think the days that are normal, boring,
with nothing going on, and when no one calls are so underrated.
I have been enjoying several of those days this past week.

Dean and I didn’t get a chance to see most of you over the Holidays.
We hope to venture out soon and say hi to everyone.
I don’t even know where to begin to catch my blog up to speed.
But I will…eventually.
In the meantime, I love reading your blogs;
and I also check in once in a while to this blog.
Remember to enjoy the ordinary, the common, the quiet.
Love, Hil


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