Looking back

I picked my favorite post to re-post. This was from April of last year.

Lauren has wanted her ears pierced for oh, about a year now. But every time I would suggest we go, she seemed apprehensive and uninterested. It wasn’t until her very good friend Madison, just recently got her ears pierced that Lauren suddenly had renewed enthusiasm. So the date was set, a mommy/daughter date to get Lauren’s ears pierced. Dean happened to have a rare night off, so he came too with little sister Riv in tow. At the store, Lauren and Dean chose the pricey earrings, I would’ve talked her into the cheap ones, but Dean insisted. Finally the moment arrived; Lauren was in the chair, her ears were marked. Lauren opted for not knowing when it was going to happen. Then, just like that, the saleslady pierced Lauren’s right ear. I was trying to catch it all on tape; I looked at Lauren who was smiling, and River who was simply enthralled. I looked up at Dean who was standing in the background with his arms folded and holding back the tears. I of course teared up as well, not expecting his reaction. Later, I asked Dean why he got so choked up. He said, “It was really hard to just stand there and watch her grow up.“ As we were walking out Dean hugged Lauren, and said “Just be sure to let me know when your getting married.” I had been telling Lauren ‘it’s only going to hurt a little” I guess I should’ve been saying that to Dean as well.


Allyson said…
tears...sniff sniff I dont want my girls to grow up....

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