A matter of opinion

Yesterday I tuned into the Oprah Show
and was immediately aggravated.
The topic was “ Secret Lives of Moms”
Did you see it?
A group of mom’s sitting around talking about their thoughts on motherhood.
Although it was comical at times, mostly their comments were just annoying!
One woman on the show said that after she had a baby she felt like she was tethered to another human being.
(Well, yeah… isn’t that the whole point?)
Another woman on the show told the crowd she hadn’t showered in three weeks.
(Really..? so, you’re telling me you can’t carve out twenty minutes in an day while the baby sleeps to shower?)
It was all so pessimistic.
I realize most of these women were being factitious; but I’m afraid if a new, or expecting mom was watching, she might think that motherhood is something to be feared and dreaded.
Representing motherhood that way took all the legitimacy out of it.
Is motherhood too hard? Does it make us all feel unfulfilled? Are we just supposed to survive it?
Who loves motherhood every minute of every day?
Not me.
But I do cherish my place in this world.
I know a lot of women like my mother, sister, mother-in-law, sister-in-laws, nieces, friends etc. who cherish motherhood as well.
Sorry, Oprah but I don’t subscribe to your take on motherhood.

"Don't confuse fame with success. Madonna is one; Helen Keller is the other." –Erma Bombeck


severegirl said…
I agree Hilary! I watched it too and was really put off with the whole thing. Yes, motherhood is hard, if it's done right and it's messy but it's not annoying, at least not to me. I'm glad you shared your feelings about this!
Cute blog by the way!
Heather said…
I read this in the morning and I have kept thinking about it all day. I agree with all you said and I think it's important to stand up for it. I remember a few months after I had Braelyn, Grandma Roberts told me how nice it was to see young parents really enjoying their child. She said she could never understand people who didn't enjoy this time in their life, because she really loved, and don't think we have all benefited from her wonderful ability to love her posterity! I always try to remember that. Thanks for the words.
Thank you so much for what you said Aunt Hill... It really mean's so much to me!!! So many people look down on motherhood these days especially the people that you see on t.v. and they really do play an effect on us young women trying to decide when to start a family. It's just really nice to here what you have to say about motherhood. You are a wonderful mother so it mean's so much coming from you Thanks (:
Roberts blog said…
Thanks for all the nice comments and compliments ladies. I think we could start our own talk show and go up against Oprah, what do you think eh?
Randi said…
Oprah never fails to aggrivate. I don't hardly tune in anymore so I missed this episode (darn). I did catch a snipet from today's show at my mom's and Dr Berman was sitting down with a mom and her young daughter, didn't catch the age but she looked about 11 and they were explaining the female "parts" and encouraging this CHILD to "explore" herself and find out what feels good and what doesn't! My mom and I were both disgusted and flabbergasted and turned the channel. Seriously, Oprah, is all this necessary? Ugh.
Roberts blog said…
Are you serious Randi? Unbelievable!!
She should stick to giving away cars.
Randi said…
Unfortunately, Hil, it's true. I don't know about you, but when I was 11 or 12, I wasn't even thinking about my parts! Lol! Kids just do NOT need to know that kind of stuff at this point in their lives. I think Oprah thinks that the more knowledge someone has about a subject the more empowered they will feel, and that's true to an extent, but come on, some of her topics are pretty controversial, even for a moderate liberal like me! ;) PS, hope it didn't gross you out that I wrote that on here.
Neves Horses said…

Could you send this post to my email so I can delete it? Haha in your face.

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