100th post!

Dear bloggies; (blog buddies)

This post marks the Robert’s Report 100th ENTRY!
This post also marks our blog's ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY almost to the day.
So in celebration;
(give said the little stream) GIVEAWAY! GIVEAWAY!
Leave one comment, any comment here by Sunday April 19th and the auditing firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers will randomly select a winner.
(or if they are busy, I will have one of my kids choose.)
The winner will get a handmade item from me…like an apron, or a purse or gift basket.
I will post pictures later.
Over the last year I have truly enjoyed blogging, and in turn reading each of your blogs.
Although, as any good blogger knows…I mostly just love your comments.
Well, virtual reality is calling.
Good night and good luck!


Randi said…
Really, an apron? WOW!!! I'm game!
Charlyn said…
Wow 100th post. I've enjoyed each and every one of them. It's so much fun reading your fun post. Thanks for the daily entertainment. And GAME ON!!
Laraine H. said…
Happy Blogger Anniversary Hil! I like to read your stuff, it makes it even better if I try to imagine "Hillary" saying the post outloud...you're so funny!
Amera said…
So fun! Even if I dont win, this is such a fun blog to look at! Im so glad I got to meet you at Walmart the other day! YOu are a sweetheart! Happy 100th Anniversary!
Allyson said…
You are a very talented writer. really...you have a way of putting words together so fluently. and i love comments on my blog too!
Saffron Grass said…
sweetness! i like comments too. but i never get them. maybe i should do one of these fancy giveaways!!!!! i love your blog aunt hil and the stuff you make. -indy
Tammy said…
Pick me, pick me!!
Josh said…
Hil nerd I think I deserve some fresh baked cookies or an apron!
I want to win!
I think Dean needs to pick,
and choose his favorite
old fishing buddy. I have
photos of him when he looked
just like your boys do now.
Great blog! Great family!
Anonymous said…
100 posts in your first year...kinda like marriage...can't wait to see how many posts you write in year 14!!

This comment has been removed by the author.
Amie said…
Pick me Bitch! Remember, I'm your Amish friend that lives on the east coast?
Elise said…
Ooh! Pick me!

You know we love your blog. Dan misses seeing all your cute kids!

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