Pie Crust Promise

Pie Crust promise; easily made...easily broken

Mary Poppins would be so disappointed in me.

My promise last week to announce the giveaway winner has surely left
some of you waiting on pins and needles.

And, the winner is…(you need to click on the comments below to find out)

I feel like Oprah…”You get a car! You get a car! You get a car!”


Roberts blog said…
Hi Friends;
Here's the deal.
River was designated to draw a name out of a hat,
she kept pulling out Brooke's name, or Scott's,
or “Amie” (the one who left the obscene comment.)
What was I to do?
I can’t in good conscience pick my own sista.
So, I decided… EVERYBODY WINS!
I will send or deliver to you an apron (in the order of comments left).
Most likely “later” rather than “sooner”
but I will do my best.
I love to make them…I just need to find the time.
Thanks for your lovely, kind words.
Platt Lucky 7 said…
That is a darling apron. I didn't leave a comment but how can I get one. Darling!!
Leslie said…
Hilary you are too funny. I have been to your blog a couple times this week and keep meaning to comment. I really wanted the apron. Should have had a little chat with Riv at church. Is "Amie" really your friend? Anywho, love, love your blog and did I mention how adorable the apron is?
Saffron Grass said…
Hil, really if you pulled my name, well I think you know what needs to happen now. the others can just get some cookies.
Amie said…
LONG ago I should have apologized for my obscene comment. It was a dare that I could not pass up. (I will have to tell you the story later) I was hoping you would see it and delete it from the list.
Saffron Grass said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saffron Grass said…
p.s. that was indy that left that comment

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