In case you have nothing better to do

Yesterday was our dinner exchange.
I brought homemade BBQ pizza.
I actually prefer non-homemade pizza.

Here are a couple of good links.

My neighbor Angie is a food purist.
She makes from scratch…everything.
Apparently it is a sin to make a banana cream pie with a pudding mix.
Most of the good recipes I have are hers.(chicken rolls)
This food blog came highly recommended from Angie herself.

BYU is hosting an exhibition on Walter Wick who is the author of the I-spy books.
We haven’t been to it yet, but I hear it’s worth the effort to go.

Want to laugh your pants off?
Go here
I especially love this sexy picture and this one too. Remember side stripes?


Randi said…
You never fail to make me laugh out loud. That first picture is CREEPY! Not sure I will be able to sleep's like one of those scary dolls, but real life!

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