Yeah right!..I wish things were ho-hum...We have now entered
the twilight zone also known as..The Fall. Wade's birthday
was this week, Lauren's is next week, Brett's is the week after,
and River's three weeks after that (no family planning, I know.)
Also, I usually volunteer for some crazy PTA gig this time of
year, every year. Not to mention other family birthdays, football,
church callings, Halloween, etc. I've neglected my blog, my kids,
my laundry,...We are busy...obviously...who isn't. Wade had a great day turning eight. The hit of the party was the last minute "money tree."
My mom made Brooke a money tree years ago, and I always wanted one.
Wade is a money squirrel he has money stashes all around the house.
He knows how much he has to the penny at any given moment.
He was in Heaven.


Randi said…
Oh my gosh! The money tree is a FAB idea! Glad he had such a good b-day.

I hear you on fall being crazy, we had no family planning either! EVERYONE in our family except me and my brother have a birthday between Dec 10th and Jan 13th! UGH! Plus there's Christmas thrown in there, too. It's insane and we're always broke by Mid-Jan! Thank goodness for tax returns! ;)
Roberts said…
That's a great idea. I hope I can remember that when I need a cute gift for a grandchild.

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