Hello, Goodbye

Last Saturday, I was watching from my kitchen
window as a crazy hailstorm drenched our front yard.
I said out loud “hey, that’s not fair” (then River reminded
me that we are not allowed to say that in our family…)
"Ok," I told her, but it really isn’t fair that our summer is
over so quick. I felt cheated a little.
Remember my “Summer To Do List” a couple months back? ...ha!
However idealistic my "To Do" list was, we actually really
did do a lot over the last few months.
Here are some of my favorite snapshots of the summer.


Lesa said…
Hey it was so good to hear from you and what a cute family you have. It has been too long that is for sure. Hope you are doing well and yes Im having my 4th and final baby. should be soon, i hope. Lesa

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