A Weekend With Wade

My Wadie Golden is turning EIGHT on Monday.
This weekend is all about Wade;
and since I'm not the video guru like Brooke,
a few pictures will have to do.
Wade sure is a handsome little devil, don't you think? Wade is fielding offers of arranged
marriage proposals already.
If there is any goofing around to be done, Wade will be doing it. And just when we are
trying to be real serious in Family Home Evening, guess who cracks a
joke that makes us all laugh? it's hard to get any respect after that.
This is Wade after a few days with the flu. Wade is the best sick kid...he never complains,
he takes care of himself, sleeps like an angel, always makes it to the toilet,
never asks for anything more than water...
so unlike the rest of the family.


Saffron Grass said…
Only Mom's can appreciate the worth of good "sickies". I remember Wade toughing it out on my couch during a sleepover. And then again, during a birthday party. Fun times always at my house. Wade is awesome. Like how he puts ketchup on mac and cheese. And how he always says thank you. That will always make you number #1 with me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WADE!
Happy Birthday Wade!! I can't believe Wadie is turning eight. It seems like just yesterday he was barely two and I had him wrapped around my finger. Remember when you would ask him who he loved? He would say AMIE!! (Wade what happened, you can only love me!) Then I remember his binky tied to the fridge and him having to go to the fridge to suck on it. I teased you he would find comfort from the food in the fridge and grow up to be chubby. These are just a few of my memories of Wade. Happy Birhtday Wade, I love you! Aunt Amie

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