Smells like Teen Spirit

Photo of the Week
Date: A Saturday morning in February 2010
Subject: Wade and Lauren kickin it at SFHS

Smells are a big deal for me. Good or bad ones, it doesn’t matter.
I love how certain people always smell like Tide detergent
I love how certain people always smell like breath mints
I am not one of them.
I hate the typical household smells that inevitably linger around here
…the dirty, rolled up wet sock smell
…the musty bathroom with six wet towels on the floor smell
…the slimy garbage disposal full of morning cereal smell
The other day I took Brett to his basketball game which was held at my alma mater,
good old Spanish Fork High School.

The moment I swung the door wide and entered the building I was almost knocked over
             with a smell that I remembered from my youth.

Suddenly I was swept up with memories of
                   basketball games, pep rallies, and victory dances.

Memories flooded back of my teen years spent in the old gym,
                   and I started telling the kids about the "glory days.”

The smell was so distinct almost a mix between body odor, hormones and floor wax.

I suddenly had the desire to curl and hairspray my bangs,
                            get a spiral perm,  
                                wear blue eyeliner,
                                      peg my pants and listen to my "Vanilla Ice" tape.


Allyson said…
you are such a NERD!!!!!!!!!!!!
daisy said…
Hilary - I am seriously bringing back the perm!!! hee hee!!
I love your blog posts - you crack me up. Oh - and the way you describe the high school smell(the B.O., Hormones and floor wax. YOU NAILED IT.
Thanks for your witt!
Randi said…
I totally agree! That gym has a very unique smell. One that takes me back even farther than my HS days. Like swimming lesson days as a youth. YOu are right on!
Linda said…
LOL Hilary! You are hilarious and I definitely have to agree with you. I went in the SF Gym a little over a year ago and I thought the same thing...of the glory days! It definitely brings back memories and that gym definitely has a certain smell to it. Thanks for bringing a smile and good laugh today!

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