The unnerving sign that read
                                           “ 0 days since the last accident”
                               welcomed us to the Little Sahara State Park (sand dunes) on Sunday.

 I suppose we just missed the Lifeflight.       The "dunes " do have sorta a reputation.

                 Thank goodness we picked

                                 a quiet,
                           non- alcoholic,  



                    day to play in the sand.

Now...I know that

  the Sand Dunes          

which are about

a  half hour West
    of Nephi

aren’t new to anyone,

but it has been about

  25 years since

  I have been

      out there.

I wasn’t disappointed, 
it was just as fun as I remembered.

It was a little kid paradise

and easy on a parent’s nerves.

Letting kids run
around free and easy

all afternoon is good for them.


No water to worry about,

no roads or cars,

no sharp rocks or steep cliffs,

no lines or crowds …

   just a whole lot of  sand in their britches.


carrie said…
Looks like a super fun trip! You can't go wrong with a big sand pile and a bunch of fun people.
I loved your post before this one, too. Especially the part about waving to the person who was watching you snap at your kids and eating 3 ice cream things all by yourself...right on, that's awesome!

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