I don’t know about you but today I…

(me trying to look good, sucking it in)                               (me getting real and letting it all hang out)
(Pictures are unrelated)

I don't know about you but today I...

woke up at 6:00 am
          realized that it was really 5:00 am (before the daylight saving change)
                    decided to sleep in and woke up again at 9:00 am …gulp

got honked at 1.5 seconds after the light turned green.
I hate people who honk their car horn.
(I would sit through a whole green light rather than honk at someone)

went to Wal-Mart and Maceys and still forgot to buy toilet paper.
Payson Market here I come

snapped at my kids in the parking lot and then looked around and waved at someone I knew who was watching me 

spent two hours getting my kids caught up on their immunizations.
Kal didn’t even flinch after 6 shots, not even a whimper

ran to Brett’s school twice.
once to deliver his forgotten book report and again to deliver his forgotten extra credit.
(that’s what you call enabling)

finished a book - (The Glass Castle)

left the house a total wreck this morning. Seriously you would’ve been ashamed of me

bought some cute shoes for Lauren. She dresses better than me nowadays

saw a young handsome man in a suit on the side of the road holding a sign that read
“recent BYU grad willing to work for money”

made dinner for four families for the dinner exchange (nothing special, BBQ sandwiches)

ate three Crunch ice-cream bars myself

love Mondays 

plucked two singular eyebrow hairs, just couldn’t handle the pain anymore

bought a carton of fresh mushrooms, don't ask me why - they will go to waste

saw the first fly of the year in the house



Randi said…
Love it, Hil!! You keep things so real! And you look hot, even w/o sucking it in! :)
You are so funny!! Your day sounded about like mine other that I left with a semi-clean house, only because I was a beast on sunday! Look on the bright side, I had my baby 7 months ago and you are skinner than me ...lol
Platt Lucky 7 said…
You look so GREAT!! You are making me sound like a slacker.

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