No green thumb here

Look at this beautiful garden.

The straight rows, the thriving and flourishing vegetables and raspberries…

                                             It’s enough to give me heartburn.  

This is my grandparents garden. This is what I desire for my own yard and home.
             however this is what I usually get...   Weeds!

I found these pictures the other day.

They are of my grandparent’s home in the late eighties.

When I first saw them, tears came to my eyes.

My Grandma and Grandpa Neves meticulously took care of their humble yard
        and home by themselves for years.

My 80-something year old grandpa would mow the yard
with an old fashioned push mower.

My grandma would use her walker to get around her flower beds.

She canned everything from beets to raspberry jam,
and gave most of it away to grateful family and neighbors.

It was very typical when visiting to find my grandpa out in the garden on his knees in the heat of the day weeding with his cane.

The other day I was feeling sorry for myself.

Wondering how I am going to stay on top of all the yard work and the ever growing weeds around here.

I certainly didn't inherit a green thumb.

Thinking of my grandparents,

I will never complain again.

At least I have still have
                                                                    and child labor!


Randi said…
Hil, love the pictures of your grandparents' garden! LMBO about the last two pictures tho. YOu are hillarious!
Allyson said…
Child Labor....story of my life. The only pay I received was a swift kick in the @$$!

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