Where will you spending the next 18 months?

Me? I will probably still be here changing diapers and changing lives, ha...

As for my lovely, but crazy parents....

They will be in Sierra Leone, West Africa serving a mission!

How can they imagine leaving all of us behind you might be asking?

Somehow I think they will be just fine -
Actually I will be surprised if they ever come back home.

Congrats to my niece Little Miss Indy for winning Little Miss Lindon
She is truly talented,
you should've seen her hip-hop dance that she choreographed herself.
 It was like I was watching a young Paula Abdul....straight up y'all.


daisy said…
Yay for your cute niece!! That is awesome...
I thought your folks were going to Germany? I am confused - did it change or was your mom joking on fb?
Roberts said…
That's exciting for your parents. I didn't know they were planning to serve. Will they get to see the new baby?
Roberts blog said…
Kaye - sorry for the confusion, yes my parent's original call was to Germany even though they had requested Sierra Leone. My Dad's health was an issue, but after a few tests a call was re-issued to Sierra Leone. And Leisa, I am relieved because yes they will be here for the newest Dean and Hilary off-spring coming at the end of April. Thanks for you comments ladies.

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