This is the place

Utah representing tonight on American Idol...ahh the anticipation!
Meanwhile, this video is cute and funny (i linked from Elises' blog)
A couple of times during the video,
two grown men start dancing with the kids; (at 0:53 - 1:27 and 2:10 etc.)
I am super impressed with their skills.
I can see my brother-in-law Scott doing something like that.
In fact, I challenge Brooke and Scott to do their own "Single Ladies" video.
Really who needs American Idol?
Everyone can be an American Idol thanks to You Tube!


That is so funny! My kids love that song! I guess I am not the only bad mom out there letting there kids watch that video. I have to limit it to once a week! You already knew Beretta loved it after he was doing it at church. Thanks for the laugh
Elise said…
An amazing dance routine, no? One of those guys is our home teacher :).

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