Honey, I can explain...

Apparently, this is the result of a overworked, underpaid, bored,
cooped up, crazy housewife on her first night out with the girls...
I should've just gone to Temple Night with my husband.

Andrea talked all of us into joining a girls only Fantasy Football League.
Thus, the Femme Fatale Fantasy Football league was born.
Personally I didn't do so hot.
My team was awesome in the beginning but I did make a few crucial mistakes;
like...um, giving up control to my biggest competitor...
underestimating the blood-thirsty nature of
Tammy, Brooke, Kim & Jocelin...and of course the sweet, loveable Andrea.
oh yeah and not really ever playing the game.
Next year ladies...NEXT YEAR!


Saffron Grass said…
You had better amend that post to include the biggest, blood-thirsty, FF of all, ANDREA. It would be very inaccurate to leave her out that way.
Is that a real baby???? Looks like fun LOL LOL!!!
Tammy said…
I second that...sweet loveable Andrea, I know no more. I realize her sweetness was a disguise and that the real Andrea is a force to be reckon with. As for next year, Hil Billy, maybe you should just be our mascot. That way you won't have to play weekly but can still be apart of the team and parties
Diana said…
Does that baby have a mask? Watch out Hilary, or you might be the next Michael Jackson--you're getting closer and closer.
Lv, Ma

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