Reverse Psychology

Almost every afternoon it’s the same old thing….
After lunch I go up in my room to put Quincy down for a nap.
River follows me offering her motherly advice,
and wanting to lay next to Quincy.
Kal stubbornly yells from the other room…
“Me not gonna take a nap!”
Then I yell down to him “Ok, just us girls will take a nap.”
Then he says, ”Ok, I stay up by myself!”
Then I yell “you stay down there, don’t come up here.”
Then he yells ”Ok!”
Then the house fills with quiet…
And sure enough, within the minute I hear Kal running up the stairs to join us.
I am the master of reverse psychology.


Randi said…
Hil, you inspire me with your motherly wisdom. I'd be yelling back "Yes you are taking a nap or else!" Course, now I only have one that naps and he's not resisting...yet. And usually when they start the resistance then I just bag the whole nap thing. Lol! Good job! I'm going to try that when the time comes.
Saffron Grass said…
I love Rivers arm placed lovingly on Kal's. Yes Ma' am
Tammy said…
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Tammy said…
Hil Billy, you say nap after lunch.....hum and they are still in their pajamas
Amie said…
Your reverse psychology works on Kal as good as it works on me

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