I had a weird dream last night...

in my dream I was waiting in a doctor's office,
waiting to go into labor...
labor as in childbirth...
yeah, it was more of a nightmare.
The nurse called out my name,
and I stood up and followed her
because it was my turn to go into labor.
I wasn't pregnant, just sitting in a waiting room being
scared to death and fearing the unavoidable pain.
well, imagine my relief when I woke up and...
YES! it was all just a dream.

I’ve had dreams like that before. I’m sure you probably have too.
Dreams that shake me up so bad that in the morning when
I wake I can’t describe the relief I feel realizing it was all just a dream.
Then, throughout that whole day I tend to appreciate the little things,
the normal, everyday things.
I think the days that are normal, boring,
with nothing going on, and when no one calls are so underrated.
I have been enjoying several of those days this past week.

Dean and I didn’t get a chance to see most of you over the Holidays.
We hope to venture out soon and say hi to everyone.
I don’t even know where to begin to catch my blog up to speed.
But I will…eventually.
In the meantime, I love reading your blogs;
and I also check in once in a while to this blog.
Remember to enjoy the ordinary, the common, the quiet.
Love, Hil


Randi said…
I hate those dreams! I have the "pregnant" dream all the time, but to me it's definitely a nightmare! Some would take it as a "sign" but oh boy, not me! Lol!

And yes, I have recently learned to embrace the ordinary and the quiet. Life's too busy, too stressful so any downtime is embraced and thoroughly enjoyed.
Its so true!!!! I have days like that all the time I am glade I am not the only on LOL.. But It is nice when you step back and realize the little things i could do that more...
Dan the Man said…
Hil, I have the "going into labor" dream all the time too and it FREAKS me out so bad. I totally know what you mean. I wake up and have to look in the mirror for like 20 minutes just to remind myself I am not pregnant. The worst is when you're not even at the hospital, but are at like the park or in church, and you are wearing one of those half-robes from the hospital. Those are the ones that scare me the most.

Anyways, we were sad we didn't get to see you when we came back for the holidays. We saw Dean and most the kids when they came over to my Dad's to sled behind the four-wheeler but you were at home with the baby I guess. Anyways, Elise and I both love the blog, you are a great blogger. Hope to see you soon.


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