Not so photogenic you say? well, try again

There’s nothing I love more than an old fashioned photo booth.

Not the trendy new color photo booths that you find at
now a days -

but the old fashioned ghetto kind -

The kind that you step inside...
roll the seat to eye level...
drop in eight quarters...
close the filthy curtain and anticipate the flash...

The only one I have been able to find still around here is at K-Mart on State in Orem.

This picture was taken two summers ago when I was out with just Brett and baby Quincy.
Some of these were taken just before school started last Fall

Recently I asked…
then bribed…
then demanded…

that my family indulge me in a photo shoot.
They were less than cooperative.

I know you’ve tried to get family pictures taken…
It’s a nightmare, right?
Nobody but "the Mom” wants to do it
and nobody but "the Mom"
actually puts forth any effort,

but everyone loves to look at the results, and wonders why we didn’t get more pictures of just them.

I made the kids take individual shots of themselves for a job chart in the making.

We finally all crammed in the booth making a spectacle of ourselves and guess what?

Three minutes later everyone was fighting over the new pictures

Trying to be impulsive doesn’t always translate with six kids and a husband.


Sorensen's said…
Those made me laugh! We may have to slip into that Kmart one of these days and get a few laughs of our own!
Allyson said…
Ive always wanted to do one of those! And some old western ones too!

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