Happy Boxing Day!

Boxing Day at our home represents the first day after Christmas that reality hits.

This is the day that the kids go back to school
and Dean goes back to work
and I am left alone with the mess of the Holidays.
The January Blues set in.
In our early years we all dreaded this day.
But in recent years we decided to celebrate it.
The kids wake up on the first day back to school wishing each other...
"Happy Boxing Day!"
River wished the cashier at Wal-mart
"Happy Boxing Day" To which the confused cashier responded
"...you too"
Treats are involved...usually pictures and videotaping of the kids for a "time-capsule".
My mother-in-law has always said; everyone needs something to look forward to;
So, on Boxing Day we try to find things to look forward to.

Everyone leaves the house in the morning,
and by the time they get home Christmas is all boxed up and put away for another year.
I get to feel like Superwoman by doing all the cleanup myself.
Now don’t laugh…
For me nothing is as satisfying as throwing away a bunch of junk without anyone objecting or even knowing.
Then we go out to eat, and find some fun activity to do.
This year we went to Golden Corral. (not my first choice…we had a gift certificate)
Then ice skating.

This time of year Gloom and Boredom can set in and become your live-in-boyfriends.
I say kick ‘em out!

To finish off the day we write a list of things we are looking forward to...
and ONE goal for the year.
(we aim low around here)
Stuff like;
Hilary’s Goal 2010-
*Try not to be mad in the mornings…
Dean’s Goal 2010 -
*Support my wife as she tries not to be mad in the mornings...etc.
Well, I hate to be a Debbie Downer…
but alas, it’s morning again…
and again I’ve failed my goal...
every day this whole year.

I knew I was aiming too high.


Roberts said…
At least you made a goal. I haven't had time to think of one. Taylor said he saw you guys ice-skating. I haven't been for years and that's a good thing. I don't think I could handle that much falling.
Elise said…
Boxing day...I love it!
April said…
I love all of it! You are awesome

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