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"Knock it off Napoleon ...make yourself a dang quesadilla..."

Five years ago
Wade as Napoleon Dynamite

I entered Wade in a "Napoleon Dynamite" look-a-like contest when Wade was just three.
He indulged me as we practiced movie quotes all the way to Provo.
Wade was the only child in a crowd of about 50 nerdy dressed-up college students.
It was 2005- the height of the Napoleon Dynamite craze.
Number 33 (next to Wade) was quite competitive and kept giving Wade dirty looks.

Imagine how awkward it was for everyone as they called Wade up on stage to do his "impressions" for the crowd...
(something I had set up before hand with the contest organizers)

ohhh Man!...I could've died.

It was just Wade standing alone on the stage as I sat on the steps and fed him his lines.
Wade performed fine...but the die-hard Napoleon fans almost booed him off the stage.

He was just an amateur who's mom thought he was adorable.
The other look-a-like nerds knew the movie "frontwards and back".

Lesson learned...not everyone thinks your kid is a cute as you do.

A few months later, my niece told me that she had spotted Wade in a local magazine.

Wow! Wade's first claim to fame.
Take that number 33!


Elise said…
Super cute! I love it :).

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