Maybe, Maybe Santa Baby

Christmas 2009 has left me deep-in-thought and reflective on it all.
I can’t quite put my finger on it…but this year was different -
I was off my game.
yet somehow Christmas came…
it came just the same…
It came without ribbons…
it came without bows…
it came without packages, boxes or bows.
Oh..wait -
(sorry..that was from the "Grinch" which has been playing non-stop around here.)
Anyway, I keep telling myself.
"buck up little camper, there's always next year"

Maybe next year we will get around to hanging the outside Christmas lights,
Maybe next year we will send the Christmas cards out before Valentines day.

Maybe next year I won’t say things like “hurry up” or “stop laughing” or "you better get happy right now!'s Christmas Eve for Heaven's sakes"
Maybe next year I will actually believe Dean when he “pretend sleeps” on the couch conveniently just as I ask for his help to wrap presents on Christmas Eve
Maybe next year I'll hire a professional photographer...instead of coaxing my three year old into taking a picture for posterity

Maybe next year Santa will strategically wrap presents better so my kids won't automatically say "I already know what it is..."
Maybe next year the phrase "who do you think your Santa is anyway?" will actually mean something to this kid.

Maybe next year River will out-grow her need to perform...

Maybe next year I will remember or take the time to comb Quincy’s hair
Christmas morning (or my own hair for that matter)

Maybe next year Santa will get it right, and put MY name on this bike instead of Lauren's

Maybe next year Lauren will get what she really wanted for Christmas (her brother’s DSi)

Maybe next year Quincy will choose not to drink and drive

Maybe next year Kal will finally act a little excited about his presents

Maybe next year Santa will resist the urge to get “Flarp” for all the kids. It usually gets shelved anyway after first getting on the carpet, hair and clothes

Maybe by next year I will finish making the quilts for the kids that I so famously walked down Main Street with. When Dean first questioned my abilities I scoffed and told him
"It'll be a piece of cake man..piece of cake)

Maybe next year my family will rebel against acting out the traditional "Kids Nativity" However all the crying and pouting are worth it in the end(and that's just from our husbands)

Maybe next year I won't be pregnant and tired...

but then again, maybe not. ha ha
(just kidding Brett)


Platt Lucky 7 said…
All of it is sooo TRUE!!! How are you feeling? I have about 30 days left. I am feeling like a beached whale. Loved the blog!!
Hil, I love reading your blog. If I am ever having a bad day I am going to start reading your blog. You honestly need to write a book!
Hope you are feeling well.
Saffron Grass said…
Hil, thanks for a good pick me up....Now, I can bring Jake up from Exile. That was really a good rundown of Christmas day. I really like the picture of Quincy's hair. Will you put all the pictures of the Nativity on Picassa?
Laraine H. said…
Good read Hil, I loved it! Seriously, you should write a book to help remind us Mothers how life as it is, is just fine !! I like how you see it :)

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