4th of July Weekend...The Good - The Bad and The Ugly


The GOOD - We were too lazy to save a spot ahead of time, but Saturday morning as we walked along the crowded sidewalk, we paused under a tree. Minutes later the people in front of us got up and left, leaving us their primo, shaded spot. SCORE!
Most people around us were friendly and good to our kids.
I was in such a good mood, and I was compelled to buy a flower headband as large as Quincy's head from a street vendor.
Wade jumped up and snagged a free t-shirt
Kal and River made friends with Congressman Chaffetz,
and Brett used Quincy to get some waves and smiles from a few Provo High cheerleaders.

The BAD -
Every year I ask myself why. Why, do I go through this parade misery? The crowds, the heat, the cranky kid aftermath etc.

The only saving grace this year was this Polynesian marching band, the patriotic floats and my favorite..the bagpipes.

The UGLY –
I think it’s lame to have a parade full of advertisements.
This year the parade was full of them. Centurion Security was the big parade finale. Yawn.
Captain America however made me laugh. He was a very confident yet portly superhero.


Being isolated with the kids on a hot day playing in cool water...
It was all good.

The BAD -
The resulting mounds of dirty, sandy, smelly laundry
and a dirty, sandy, smelly car, backroom, shower and bathtub.

The UGLY - The water was a bit swift and high and there were a few creepy crawlies. Lauren had a leech stuck to her foot. She thought it was just some mud and tried to wipe it off, when she realized it wasn't dirt she ran Helter Skelter through the bushes screaming "get it off, get it off!"

The GOOD –
Lauren danced this year as a Stadium of Fire dancer. She worked so hard for several months practicing and even earned her own money to go. ($175).

Dean and I reluctantly (not really) left the other kids at home and went to the Stadium of Fire ourselves. For a first timer it wasn't too bad, actually pretty good.
I gave it a 7 out of 10. The F-16’s flying overhead were awesome and even the Jonas Brothers were entertaining. Mostly Dean and I took turns trying to spy Lauren on the field.

The BAD –
The harsh, brutal all day and night practices leading up to Lauren’s dance.
The Nazi-like dance teacher who called me during practice the day before and said ”Um, like if Lauren doesn’t get here in ten minutes, we are giving her spot away.” (all the while Lauren is throwing up outside the stadium because of heat exhaustion)

However when it was all over and we were walking the two miles to our car, we asked Lauren if she would do it again next year…
she said excitedly “YES!...Can I?”
I was crying inside.

The UGLY –
The tacky treatment of the military families being roped off on the field. Only allowed to sit on the ground relegated to sit behind the dancers, VIP seating and the sponsors. Tacky, tacky.

On our walk to the car, guess who's limo pulled up right in front of us?

Yep..the Jo Bro's.

The sad thing was that Lauren could've cared less, but I was the one that got all starstruck and screamed 'We love you Jonas Brothers!'


Heather said…
Looks like fun, I'm glad I'm not the only one who kind of dreads the 4th parades for the same reasons, and I hate the advertising!!
I still remember when you and Dean were bsitting and took us to see the fireworks outside the stadium of fire, and we ended up taking you to the hospital! We thought you guys were so cool (and we still do).
Nick and Amera said…
That was a fun post! so fun! Your daughter is BEAUTIUFL! Wow, what a doll!!! I was very entertained and I laughed a lot while reading this post. Im a little jealous that you got to see the jonas bro's up close (in a limo counts). Dont tell NIck I said that he'll never stop makign fun of me! Nice post, loved it :)
Randi said…
What a fun 4th for you guys!! Ok, well, adventurous at least. And can I say, Lauren in just GORGEOUS!! Takes after her mom, huh? Still laughing about Captain America, myself and you forgot to mention one other "Ugly" about the parade...the SF Dons marching band that should just GO AWAY and no longer make any more public appearances until they get their act together!! And, sigh, I always find myself their lone cheerleader in the crowd. Embarassing. As for the Jo Bros, after going to the SOF, Oliver has declared himself their biggest fan...again, sigh.
Randi said…
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Randi said…
Ok, I know I'm hogging your blog, but I just remembered one more "ugly". I was completely disgusted by the parade crowd who went CRAZY for all those missionaries but the Vets, yeah, not so much. APPALLING to me!! Oh, and my dad who heckles Orin Hatch every year. He stands up in the back of his truck yelling "Orin Hatch is a jerk!" over and over. We all know to duck and run when we see the Hatch float coming. now THAT's ugly!!
Saffron Grass said…
Oh Hilly,

I love how you blog about all your experiences and then and behold, the perfect picture to go with our imaginations. That takes some serious planning. You are such a good blogger...but still waiting for the apron. The pictures were so good. I love Quincy at the Habitat. I love the portly Captain America, now that takes some serious confidence (it reminds me of a certain someone in a baptism jumpsuit).
Platt Lucky 7 said…
She keeps going and going and going. Love your blogs. Lots of family FUN!!
I loved this post. And you have got your hands full when Lauren turns 16!! She is drop dead gorgeous! Ali Jones

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