Boiling point

Let's be honest...don't we all feel like feeding our kids to the sharks once in a while?
I've been trying to re-install everything on my computer,
and have admittedly neglected my kids.
Yesterday River was jabbering non-stop about going swimming and asking for a treat at 10:00 AM. Exasperated I said,(while rapidly pushing the delete button)
"for Heaven sakes River...just cancel".
I think I might be spending too much time on the computer.


Allyson said…
The last time I REALLY had HAD it was right after I had Eva. Ivie was driving me crazy and I needed just a few minutes alone, so I tied the door shut to her room with an extention cord!
Platt Lucky 7 said…
Hey, I think you have done really well, not boiling over until now. 3 more weeks to go!! Hang in there. Commenting, again!! :)

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