Where's the love?

The other day I was reading this article about the trend of mommy blogging.
The article tries to explain the phenomenon.
While reading about it, I wondered why I spend some of my spare time blogging.
I came up with several reasons.
One, is because it connects me with an outside world of other women who are very much like me. Two, it's fun, Three, peer pressure...etc.
I guess I really don't know my motivation.
In the meantime...
If you like Seriously So Blessed Then you may just like this blog...
Why Mormon Girls Stay Single;
Sometimes the humor and cynicism is so spot-on that it's kind of funny.
However, other times some of the posts make me so mad that I feel like writing
a scathing e-mail to the chauvinist pig who writes the thing.
But I think that’s exactly what he would want.
Although; whoever writes the blog should be applauded for bravery for actually
putting such words together on a screen.(start at mistake #1)
Just some interesting weekend reading for you.


Laraine H. said…
Ok Hil,
I can't believe the entertainment Im finding in the Why Mormom Girls Dont Get Married Blog? Good reads, makes me want to go back and try out all the ridiculous pick-ups and live in a dating world when texting actually exists (NOT)
Ali said…
OK - I just spent an hour reading this good stuff - sad thing is I know several girls that probably make these "mistakes" without knowing it. (Do you think they already know about this - OR is there a tactful way I can refer them there to laugh AND to learn.) Oh and btw - I probably made "SOME" mistakes in my dating days??? Do you think? ha ha

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