Family Night

Well, Valentines Day is over for another year...
thank goodness!
between the elbow shoving in the candy isle at Wal-Mart,
and the "best homemade Valentines" contest that
I always get sucked into...
I am not a biggest fan of February 14th.
As my friend says:
"for those who do not have a significant other,
it is "single awareness day."
And for those who DO have a significant other,
it is "single-life contemplation day."
C'est La Vie
We did have a great time this weekend at the
South Summit Aquatic Center in Kamas, Utah. This little facility is great.
The sixty-mile trip up the mountains is worth it because...

A) This little indoor Oasis has a great swimming, climbing wall, and fitness center.

B) $3.00 for kids and $ 5.00 for adults.

C) We practically had the whole place to ourselves.

D) We stopped by "the Train" or Dairy Keen in Heber City.
And, as for pictures of me swimming...?
Hey, look - there's my knee!


Randi said…
Sweet! We are going to check this place out! And single-contemplation day? Love it! So true!
Saffron Grass said…
What the....Hey! It seems to me, the last time we were were too. So, I see how it is. We aint good enough for you now?

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