A day in the life.

Anyone who has ever had an eight month old
knows exactly how busy they can be. This video made me smile.


Randi said…
Sad thing it, that looks like my house with a 2 year old!
Amie said…
I loved it. So true! Do you watch YouTube a lot? You always have these little videos. Josh watches YouTube all the time with Grace. They always laugh so much together while watching videos.
carrie said…
Hey, you left a comment on my blog like 3 months ago asking how I made the silhouettes. Well, I just posted some more and remembered your comment and that I never responded - sorry, I meant to. The first ones I did way back in November were on the Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus program. I took photos of my kids in front of a blank wall or a window with just a white sky behind them, and then, using that program, I cut them out, and colored their little selves. That program is like $35. BUT, the ones I did this week were just using Picasa 3, which you can download for free. They were a lot easier this way. I tell how to do it on my post. I think it's just picasa.com. That's a really fun program...you can add words and stuff to your pictures, among other fun things. When, you wrote that comment I was new to nienie and hadn't even seen her silhouettes. I saw on there just like a month ago when she was interviewed by Cookie Magazine she tells how she makes her silhouettes by hand.
Your family is really cute by the way. I really want to have 6 kids...I'm pregnant with the 4th and hope that I can make it!! So, way to go!
I hope this helps. Anyway...longest comment in America!

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