Dean turned thirty-six yesterday, and I was just thinking today how fond I am of him. However, there are those times when I am so steaming mad at him that I can’t see straight, and I feel like running away, and never talking to him again…(too much?)… well, at those times I am brought back to his open, good arms by remembering these things that I love about him.

I love it when Dean…

Picks up a shovel and goes to work. Dean can do more with a shovel in one hour than I can do all day.

Wrestles with the kids. I try to hide my amusement as the kids get hurt over and over but yet they still go back in for more.

Comes to the hospital the day I am ready to go home after our babies are born. Sometimes he brings me flowers, or treats, but he always dresses up real nice for me.

Goes on and on about my cooking.

Talks philosophical with our kids. Dean never misses the chance to lecture/explain/enlighten even the smallest of minds.

Works on our cars or his motorcycle or the tractor. Dean is so mechanically inclined, it’s scary.

So, here’s to another year me trying to appreciate you more. Happy Birthday Dean!


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