All Alone...Almost

Brett left for school this morning at 7:30 - Lauren and Wade left a little after 8:00. River and Kal went "school shopping" with my Mom, and so if you are counting, that just leaves Quincy. Not since those first days in the hospital have I been alone with just my little two-month-old baby. So after I fed the little party animal, she smiled then fell asleep and I ended up outside, watering the flowers, and then I beat myself in a game of tetherball and did some laundry. A quiet house all to myself and that is the best I could come up with…. Pathetic.


Dan the Man said…
Did you really play Tetherball? Wow. That is so Napoleonic. Where did you get the tetherball post? Did you get a good workout losing to yourself (or as you say you saw it, beating yourself)? How many calories does a game of tetherball burn? You guys rock.
Jill said…
I can't believe you guys have 6 kids. They are getting so big. They are all beautiful. We miss seeing you since we moved to the big city. Hope all is going well.

Mark and Jill Hansen

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