Friday is a great day for me as a mom, as a person. 
It is the day of the week that I take a breather - 
It is the day of no homework, no dinner made, and no bedtime enforced.

It is the day that I consider my timecard filled. 
(for a few hours at least) -

Friday is the day that you just gotta get down, 
Friday is the day where all decisions are simplified to either; 
sitting in the front seat,
 or sitting in the back seat.  

we can all agree on that, right?

Friday is the day that I sit in reflection of the accomplishments I made during the week 
as the mom and the wife.  

We all know Saturday is a "special day"it's the day we get ready for Sunday -  
and I hate to say it, but with 9:00 a.m. church...Sunday is no day of rest my friend.

So Friday it is. 

Friday is the day I feel either satisfaction or regret about my week.
Usually regret.

The kids these days have TBT (throwback thursday) 
and SS (selfie sunday)
 and TPT (tool pic tuesday)

But for me, today is;
(forgiveness friday)

Friday is the day I offer penance to my family 
and ask forgiveness for my shortcomings.

Forgive me River...for lecturing you when you complained yesterday about not wanting to go to school. Forgive me for telling you all about the poor little girls in China who go to school year round and sleep with rats, and study night and day and get only one crust of bread to eat.
I might've laid on the guilt a bit too much that early in the morning.
*But remember how I followed up with a "starving kids in Africa" speech at dinnertime? 
You're welcome.  

Forgive me Wade...for documenting your attempt to smooch an older woman. 
I probably ruined your moment. Forgive me for making you re-inact the smooch over and over
so I could take a picture.
Get used to it.
...get used to the "me taking your picture" part,
 not the "smooching older women" part. 
*But remember how I reminded you to brush your teeth? 
You're welcome.   

Forgive me Kal...for insisting that you rummage through the dirty clothes for pants to wear to school even though you protested almost to tears. I know you have an image to keep up in Kindergarten, I'm sorry I messed with it.
*But remember...I am the one that gave you those crushing good looks,
... and that courtesy cone. 
You're welcome. 

Forgive mommy Canyon...for laughing out loud when you did a backwards tumble off the table at lunch today. Sometimes things just strike me funny, I blame YouTube. 
I'm sorry that Quincy had to "shush me" and tell me stop laughing. 

*But remember, I did kiss and wipe away your tears...
before the bleeding started. 
 You're welcome. 

 Forgive me husband of mine...for dragging you along shopping for our teenage daughter. You were miserably uncomfortable the whole time.
   *But remember... I did go to that zombie movie with you even though I hate zombie movies - almost as much as you hate "girlie" shopping.  
You're welcome.

Forgive me Lauren...for going to your school field trip. I thought you were bluffing about me going...and by the look on your face when I showed up at the school, you obviously thought I was bluffing too. It was like a bad game of chicken. Either way, forgive me for sitting in the back of the bus surrounded by all your peers telling them your embarrassing stories and secrets.

*But remember... I did buy you a new (bra) shhhh.
And hey, good news, you're moving up in the alphabet! 
You're welcome.

Forgive me Quincy know when I told you that you couldn't go to that cute little preschool down the road because you and I were going to do "mommy school" at home -
well, um...uh...Mommy school is just doing laundry and loading the dishes all day.
*But remember..."A clean house is a happy home" oh who am I kidding, I'm bored too. You're welcome. 

Forgive me Brett... for dragging you to parent teacher conference with me even though you assured me that all the cool parents go without their kids. I guess you were right.  
 *But remember all the fun we had sitting in front of your teachers
 as the adults discussed "your potential" as if you weren't there? 
You're welcome. 

Forgive me...Me. I neglected you again. Too little sleep, and too many expectations = too little ambition. Most days this week you went around without makeup and a quick finger comb in the morning counted as "doing your hair." Forgive me to my goals and ambitions...I let you down again. Forgive me...Me for spending money thoughtlessly and eating junk carelessly. Forgive me...Me, I was too hard on you this week, you don't deserve to be called such names. Forgive me, Me...for making dinner only once this week, for doing very little housework, for being a grouchy wife and for watching all two hours of "The Bachelor." Forgive me for caring when Desiree was sent home...forgive me for even knowing the jilted girl's name, 
forgive me for planning on watching the rest of the season.
 Hey Me, I'm sorry! OK?   
*But get the chance to do it all over again next week! 
You're welcome.

Well then, that should about do it for FORGIVENESS FRIDAY.
You should be feeling pretty darn good about yourself after reading this.'re welcome.


daisykaye said…
Once again Hilary - your blog is brilliant!!! I love reading these because I feel normal ;) Happy weekend!
Nat Nat said…
Hil, I love you! When I grow up can I be you?
Gary Simons said…
Hillary, I never knew you had such a talent as a blogger, I may become a frequent visitor, I loved your blog on Spanish Fork also!

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