Lately my life has looked a lot like this:
You should see the rest of the house. 
But thank goodness for school. If it weren't for school, I would have four additional 'darlings' hanging around to add to the chaos. Now the glorious hours between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. I pretty much know who the mess makers are in the house. No longer do I have to look for the culprit who exploded Spaghettio's all over the microwave.

These three I can handle. I have some containment. It's a like a control burn.

Thank goodness for the first day of school, If it weren't for that date circled in red on the calendar the kids would continue to stay up all night, dress themselves from the clothes left on the floor, eat junk, watch junk on TV, and believe that all children are meant to roam carefree between friends, the ballpark and Seven Peaks and parents are meant to facilitate it. 
Thank goodness the first day of school calls all things to order.
Thank goodness for Elementary school. If it weren't for this important step in adolescence how else would I spend my evening hours?
I can't think of anything better to do than enforcing reading minutes,
browsing Scholastic book orders, and relearning fifth grade math.       
Everything is so new and exciting and innocent and cute.
On the first day at least. 

Thank goodness for Elementary school teachers
who have to deal with this one all day. Seriously thank you.

Thanks goodness for best friends.
If it weren't for them...who else would help you make fun of your mom?
aw, that's alright honey. I'll just make you pose for pictures in front of the school while everyone watches and then i'll threaten to tell random boys you like them until you apologize and tell me I'm the coolest person you know. So it's all good.

Thank goodness for the first day of High School. How else would a too-cool for pictures sophomore get humbled? This kid wouldn't turn around or even pause by the rock so I could take his picture. He stepped out of the car and was gone.
It wasn't until he reached the doors that he realized he forgot his lunch money and had to turn around and walk back to my car. He wasn't smiling...but I was.
Hey Sophomore! did you forget something?

Thank goodness for my three at home. It if weren't for them...
I would have to go out there and get a real job and actually get dressed nice and put on makeup and interact with other adults over lunch appointments and meetings.
And again thank goodness for my three, if it weren't for them...
 I would have to be at some job where my reward for a job well done 
would be with a paycheck and praise from my co-workers.  

Nah, it's much better instead to be paid with imaginary money from my demanding off-spring and a bonus check when the ungrateful, smart alec teenagers walk in the back door.

Thanks goodness for hyper, rowdy kids at home ALL DAY. 
 Without them my bed would be neatly made early in the day (at least before 4:00) and stay neatly made until their Dad came home to see my grand accomplishment. 
Thank goodness for a baby. Without him destroying the house and insisting that I hold him all the time, I would have so much time on my hands to finish all my sewing projects,
or cook, or write or take a long shower without fear.
blek! who wants that? 

Thanks goodness for 8:00 a.m.
How else would the kids learn to be on time? Every morning it's the same adorable ritual. Kal stands at the back door yelling "BUS!" while Wade and Riv run around crazy grabbing backpacks, spitting toothpaste in the sink and shouting from the backroom, "has anyone seen my other shoe?"
                                                       It's just precious. 
Wade doesn't know how to eat breakfast unless it's stuffed in his mouth on the way to the bus stop. 

Thank goodness for bus drivers. Without their excellent driving skills and bringing my kids home in such a timely manner, I would be so lonely. 
Just look at the kids running towards home. I can hardly wait for them to reach me.
Although sometimes I accidentally lock the back door.   
they kinda scare me.

Thank goodness for teenage mood swings.
 Each moment is so fun and unexpected. 

Example :
Before age Thirteen:

After age thirteen:

Oh wait, hold on...I see it, wow a smile!
Nope I was wrong, it's a smirk...

Thank goodness for all good things coming to an end. Without school starting up again we wouldn't have our annual night before school party. Complete with an ultra hip, ultra loud, break dancing/new clothes fashion show.
(Kal and Quincy pull out all the old clothes from their drawers and off hangers to wear in the show)
       such fun!
 OK, it was a lot cooler with music. Just imagine, these pictures set to Michael Jackson, They Might Be Giants, U2 and OMD.
 Go Way'ade...Go Way'ade...Go Way'ade.

Thanks goodness for Dad. If it weren't for him...who would bankroll all the makeup and accessories and shoes and nail polish and skinny jeans and jewelry and locks for the doors, and bars for the windows and Excedrin and Pepto, and video surveillance system?       

Thanks goodness for the traditional School "Schultute"
Without it... where would the kids get all the necessary candy, gum, squishy things, mechanical pencils, and wind up toys that are all essential to going back to school?  

                 Needless to say, Thank goodness for deodorant. Without it...
                                                         well, let's not think of such thoughts.

Thank goodness for McDonald's, without it...our noontime sustenance that alternates between ham sandwiches, Ramen noodles and mac and cheese would be so unhealthy.  

AND finally thank goodness for toddlers.
If it weren't for them...I would feel pretty foolish still sitting around here in my underwear eating toast and watching junk on TV.


sophie said…
Hil - loved this!
Ali said…
That was me! - Not Sophie
Nick and Amera said…
hahahahahhahah freakin laughing my head off at 7:50am. Dont ask me what im doing on the computer so early. Thank goodness for this post, I got my day started with a laugh. Thank goodness you have children or else you'd have to go get a REAL job! hahahahhaha. I dont know if you've read my post lately, but Im pretty sure that being a mom is as about as REAL as it gets! Here I am scrambling for my kids to get into school ALL DAY so I can get out of my house to get a FAKE job! I just love you! Your, Lauren is beautiful!! And your boy is ALL NEVES :) How gorgeous are your kids!?? wow! If your not busy one day, let me come over and play with you :) Im officially inviting myself to your house so I can get a glimps of what its like to have a lot of kids and still stay sane. Teach me. Your kids are CUTE!
The Aspirant said…
This was excellent. Can't believe how old Brett & Lauren are. All your kids are gorgeous, especially in their back to school garb.
Elise said…
Your kids just get cuter and cuter!
Diana said…
Thanks for the great blog that makes me just chuckle and laugh out loud. Ummm, about Canyon, have you thought of Low Kal, I mean low cal yogurt, ---he's such a pudgie little baby I can't wait to hold him and hug him so much. You're so creative. "Sometimes I accidentally lock the door."
Brett and Lauren look like the coolest kids in their school. Poor Laurie has to be in that jungle of junior high without that big brother of hers.
Love ya, Mom
Once again thanks for making the rest of us look bad! I am so glad my kids don't know how to get to your blog, then they would know for a fact how much cooler you are than me! Miss you guys LOTS and will see you in June@

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