A STRAY PUPPY!
The poor little fella showed up at our back door the morning after all of Utah County was ablaze with fireworks. I figured he was just a scared little run away. 

I told the kids not to name him:
                       they name him, Auggie.
I told them to not touch him, he might've been infested with flees:
                       they all gave him licks of their Otter pops. (one lick for lick for me...)
I told them not to get attached:
                       they wrapped him up like a baby, and played with him for seven hours straight.  
The kids were head over heels in love with their new dog.
I decided it was time to level with the pup.
So while the kids were in the house getting more Otter pops, I laid down the law.
Just mom to dog.
"Look Auggie" I said;

"You don't belong here.
The Roberts kids are bad news...
you stay around here it's not going to be pretty.
 You will have to eat off the cement...drink out of puddles...
share the doghouse with Skip...
get along with the cats...
groom yourself...
 and eat farm grade dog food."

He still wasn't convinced to leave.

So I said, "Did I mention that I have two toddlers that will toss you around like a cheap stuffed animal?"
He was gone the next morning.


Merrie said…
You make me so happy Hil. Don't even know how you think of this stuff, but it's really good stuff. That pic of quincy and ridge is priceless. POST ABOUT AFRICA! We are all waiting on the edge of our seats.

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