(Composed this morning;)

Right now...
I just got off the phone with the Sierra Leone Embassy in DC,
We are unpacking from a weekend campout. This is what my backroom looks like.
Exactly what I expected by asking the kids unpack the car. Somewhere buried under there is my ringing cel-phone. (Call the house phone Grandpa!)
As we speak...
the lawn is burning up,
my tire is getting flat again.The weekend off-roading proved to be too much for the old Goodyears. It was holding air since about 8:00 a.m. I guess I should've taken it in first thing this morning like Dean instructed me to.

This very minute...
I am multi-tasking,
starring down three batches of strawberry freezer jam that is more like strawberry syrup. Should I re-do it? Why can't I be good at something?

At the moment...
I can see that Wade left the milk out on the counter, lid off.
Kal is having waffles and cookies for breakfast. 

Right now...
 this is what my hair looks like,
I am regretting that I posted this picture. 
Right now...
 all I really want to do is curl up on my bed alone and look at my flight itinerary.
 Did I mention that I am going to Sierra Leone, Africa
n a few days to visit my missionary parents? 

As I type this,
I am praying that my Visa comes through in time...
I can hardly fathom leaving my kids...
I wish my thighs were thinner... 
 and I wonder how quickly Dean will re-marry if I don't return...

This is morning. 
This is life.
This is happening now.


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